Financial Miracle

Financial Miracle Prayer For You

It’s scary – in just 2 minutes you will have a financial miracle after this prayer guaranteed! Say this prayer and receive a miracle in 2 minutes!

The morning prayer for success and prosperity in everything has to be a prayer with faith and trust because it makes the person tune their mind to the vibration of what you want to attract into their life.

Prayer makes our minds work on the energy we want, in this case, success and prosperity. Do you want to attract wealth? Excellent. So you can’t be out there thinking and living in poverty. You have to be thinking about abundance and wealth, and act the way you want to live.

For this reason, you are going to pray as if it were your last chance, but at the same time feel that the prayer is going to be fulfilled, thinking that everything you ask the creator will come true.

So you must be sure in your mind that you will be blessed with success and prosperity, but you have to keep in mind that it will also depend on God if he grants you the prayer.

Pray this prayer in the morning entrusting yourself to the Lord to help you achieve the success and progress you long for.

Financial Miracle Prayer

Father, You are my God and there is no other. 

I do not trust or glory in the strength of my arm or the power of others to provide for me.

I do not trust money or the economy. I trust in You and You alone.

I hope in Your mercy and rest in Your grace. 

You have strengthened the bars of my gates and have blessed my children with me. 

You make peace in my borders and fill my storage places with the best that the earth has to offer. 

Your Word has gone forth to bless me. You have commanded that I be blessed. 

That Word runs swiftly in my life, and it is fulfilled without breach or deviation. 

I am Your covenant child, and I am blessed on this earth! 

I have chosen to trust You and walk in Your ways. 

I live by Your precepts and make myself to be a doer of Your Word. 

Everything that I set my hand to do prospers just as You have promised. 

I eat the labor of my hands. Joy and happiness flood my day. 

It goes well with me and with my children after me. 

My wife is like a fruitful vine by the sides of my house. 

My children are like olive plants around my table. 

You cause blessings to flood my life. You have my deepest gratitude and genuine praise. 

You have seen my tears. You know my hardships and the trials I’ve endured. 

I look upon them now and smile. No matter what has gone on in my life, Your Word has reigned supreme. 

Though I have sown in tears, I shall reap with joy! 

I have borne precious seed, and I have sown it into Your kingdom with no regrets. 

I know that I shall doubtless come again with rejoicing! 

I shall bring in the sheaves of my harvest. I shall reap in abundance and glory in Your matchless provision! 

I have sown my seed and shall reap an abundant harvest. 

Through hardship and turmoil, I have gathered my seed; and I have sown it in the midst of life’s troubles. 

But oh my latter end. What I have sown in tears I will reap with joy! 

My harvest will be gathered in bundles so large they cannot be carried! 

I walk in the ways of almighty God as a good child and disciple. 

I mimic His ways. In every way possible, I live as God lives. 

I eat the fruit of my labor and live my life in happiness, peace, divine favor, and good fortune of every kind. 

My spouse is fruitful and productive within my house, and my children are anointed and blessed at my table. 

My life is a pleasure to live. Reports of shortages do not cause me to worry. 

The things of this world are not worthy of my allegiance. My trust is in God alone. 

He is the strength by which I live and the power that brings forth my prosperity. 

In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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