Whisper This Magical Prayer One Time Only And Let It Come To You!

Whisper This Magical Prayer One Time Only And Let It Come To You!

Receive money only after watching this video just once! An effective prayer to get money.

You will receive a lot of money after watching this video only once. You can expect a financial miracle in one listen. Only takes 2 minutes!

Expect money fast after watching this video only once!

While it is true that money is not everything in life, it is no less true that money opens many doors and that, above all, it helps to alleviate people’s burdens and sorrows.

Basically, what is desired is the prosperity and fortune necessary so that we and our families do not experience hardships of any kind and that they have a profitable future. That prosperity and money come to you depend on our effort.

At the end and beginning of the year, all our wishes for us and our relatives are summarized in: health and prosperity. The first depends on how we live, the second depends on our work, and that we channel our positive energy towards that prosperity.

So we open with a powerful prayer for money to flow, and with it ask our Creator for abundance so that hardships, shortages, and debts move away from us.

Magical Prayer

As a child of God and partaker of the first fruits of the Spirit, I groan inwardly as I eagerly await the redemption of my body. 

It is in this hope that I am saved; for I do not hope for the things that I have, but patiently wait for them, continually expressing my firm, confident belief. 

This is the very demonstration of my faith.

In the same way, the Holy Spirit helps me in my weaknesses, for I do not always know exactly what to pray for, but the Spirit Himself meets my supplication with groanings too unfathomable for known speech. 

My heavenly Father searches my heart and knows the Holy Spirit’s intentions, for He intercedes on my behalf according to the perfect will of God.

Therefore, with God Himself as my prayer partner, I know that everything that I am praying for in the spirit will work together for my good. 

I love my Father with all of my heart. He has given me a specific purpose in His great plan and I joyfully fulfill it in my life.

My Father knew me before the beginning of time and has made it my destiny to be conformed to the image of Jesus. Jesus has become my elder brother. 

He is the firstborn in the family. As God’s newborn child, I am foreordained to become, in nature, all that Jesus is. 

And being foreordained, I have also been called; and being called, I have also been justified; and being justified, I have also been glorified.

I have been prepared beforehand for glory. As a vessel of God’s mercy and grace, He has made it His business to make His glory known in me.

I have obtained righteousness that is not my own. My righteousness comes from God through the avenue of my faith.

I believe in Jesus, the Rock, and have put my total trust and reliance for my salvation in Him alone. I shall not be put to shame nor disappointed in my expectations.

I am well aware that I have been made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus my Lord. 

Therefore, I do not go about trying to establish my own righteousness through good deeds of any kind. 

Christ is the end of the Law for me. He has made me righteous simply because I believe. In Jesus’ name,


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    Meeru pampina prayers chalaa baagunnai avasarathalu theeradaniki Athmeeya jeevithaani sahayamugaa unnaai thanks for your message thankyou lord amen

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