Bdellium and Onyx

What is Bdellium and Onyx in the Bible?

Bdellium (Heb. bedôlaj). A mineral that, along with gold and onyx, was found in the antediluvian land of Havilah (Gen 2:11,12) and was used to compare the color of manna (Num 11:7). … In Gen 2:12 the LXX says anthrax, “carbuncle”, a deep red gemstone.

What does Onyx mean in the Bible?

The word onyx comes in its etymology from the Greek word “onyx” with the meaning of “claw” or ‘nail’. … Its main use is in jewelry, made with onyx, inlays in precious stones and cameos.

What does the word Bedelius mean?

Bdellium is a gum resin that occurs in reddish or greenish round masses, unevenly fractured and like wax. The smell is aromatic and the taste is bitter and acrid. It is the product of a tree that grows in the East and in Arabia, which is the African Commiphora.

What is onyx stone?

Onyx or onyx, from the Latin onyx and this from the ancient Greek onyx = nail, also known as marble onyx or calcareous onyx, is considered a semi-precious stone, although according to the International Mineralogical Association, it is not accepted as a mineral but as a variety of agate or chalcedony. It is made of silica.

What is the land of Havilah?

1. Land surrounding the river Piso, one of the four headwaters that branched off the river that came from Eden. The record says there was good gold, bdellium, and onyx stone there.

What does the onyx stone mean in the Bible?

Onyx and its biblical meaning

The Greek word for onyx is onyx is onux literally “the nail of a finger”, implying the ringing of the color for which the stone is known.

What does the jasper stone mean in the Bible?

Jasper was one of the stones that formed part of the high priest’s breastplate (Exo 28:20; Exo 39:13). He is mentioned as part of the clothing of the king of Tire (Eze 28:12-13).

What does the word heel mean?

The heel or heel is the back of the foot, at the lower end of the leg, below the calf. The most famous heel in literature is that of Achilles, for whom it was his only weak point, dying when he was injured in that place by an arrow shot by Paris.

Where is the Pisón River?

The Pishon River is described as surrounding “the entire land of Havilah where there is gold, bdellium and onyx”, according to the book of Genesis (unidentified area), being the only unidentified river. Thus, the three identified rivers of the four are the Gihon River, the Hidekel River (Tigris River), and the Euphrates River.

What does the word lapis lazuli mean?

rājāvarta; literally ‘king’s curl’. 1m An intense blue mineral , as hard as steel , which is often used in ornamental objects , and was formerly used in the preparation of ultramarine blue .

What does gihon mean according to the Bible?

242. Entrance to the Fountain of the Virgin, the biblical spring of Gihón. Gihon is the name of a spring in the Kidron Valley that served as the main source of water for ancient Jerusalem.

Where is the Garden of Eden located today?

This has led many, including biblical scholars, to the conclusion that the Garden of Eden was somewhere in the area of ​​the Middle East today known as the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers,” he says.

What is the name of the river that flowed out of the Garden of Eden?

It is also said in Genesis, “a river came out of Eden to water the garden, and from there it divided and became four heads, called: the Pishon River, which is said to have surrounded the entire land of Havilah (Arabia); the Gihon River, which would have surrounded the entire land of Cush (Ethiopia); the Hidekel River (Tigris River); would go to…


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