TOP 5 Strong Prayer to Keep Bad Neighbors Away Fast

If you want to know a miraculous prayer to help you get rid of those annoying neighbors, there’s nothing better than these prayers which will open your paths but, above all, they will protect you from the envy and evil that prevails around you.

Trust and be certain that each of your requests will be heard and that, by praying fervently, you will obtain the help you have longed for so much.

1. Miraculous prayer to ward off bad neighbors

Oh wondrous miracle of life,

That graces every hidden corner,

Symbol of vitality and grace,

Holy Trinity, divine unity in three,

Father, Son, and Spirit intertwined,

This heartfelt prayer I offer unto thee,

Beseeching your boundless mercy to embrace,

Guide me through shadows when darkness falls,

When ill-intentions weave their sinister play,

Sweep away those who seek my downfall,

Banish them, as serpents in the night,

May their harmful intentions fade and sway,

For in the blessed Trinity’s embrace,

I find solace and unyielding might,

Amen, let it be so, in endless grace.

2. Prayer to San Alejo to ward off bad neighbors

Alejo, exemplar of unwavering truth,
You, who banishes malevolence and strife,
Extend your ear to the prayers of the devoted,
In my hour of need, I earnestly implore,
Grant me your aid, your benevolent sway,
Bless my path and illumine my way,
In this juncture of uncertainty and disarray,
Where protection is sought from a troubled abode,
Guide me, as shadows of doubt hold sway,
Usher away my neighbors, separate their course,
Peer into their hearts, their intentions unrolled,
Recognize the lurking darkness that resides,
I beseech you, enshroud me with crimson shield,
Let not harm approach, keep me fortified,
May your grace be my guardian, my strength concealed,
Amen, let this plea be heard and sealed.

3. Prayer to God to ward off bad neighbors

Oh, Heavenly Father,
Architect of the cosmos and its marvels,
In your likeness, man and woman were formed,
Every creature on Earth, by your design,
You embody grandeur and paternal love,
Today, humbly I raise my voice to thee,
Beseeching aid for my journey’s strife,
I implore you, God, Heavenly King,
Cast aside those who feign friendship’s light,
Love and respect, deceitfully they bring,
Part my neighbors from my destined way,
Shield me from harm, in your embrace I cling,
For my home, body, and spirit I lay,
Beneath your mantle’s shelter, let me stay,
Grant me strength and guidance, I pray,
Amen, may your divine grace lead my way.

4. Strong and effective prayer to ward off bad neighbors

Saint Michael Archangel,
You, whose sword protects the sky,
And with the same you expelled demons from the earth,
Guide me in each of my steps,
Protect me from every danger that comes,
Both in my path and in my spirit,
Protect me from those false neighbors,
Take them away from my family and my house,
So that they can’t harm me,
O Immaculate Archangel!
Give me your strength and speed,
To get rid of evil,
And with your sword help me,
From every danger and misfortune,

5. Prayer to Saint Benedict to keep bad neighbors away from our home

Saint Benedict,
Instrument in the land of the creator,
You who overcame adversity,
You fought against temptation
And suffering, keeping your faith,
Your force of conviction on high,
I ask you to give me that same fierceness,
Of that determination against evil,
To get away not only from my path,
But also from my home, the envy,
Resentment and any negative feeling,
That may come from my neighbors,
So that none of those desires can harm me,
Nor touch the peace of my family, I ask you.

Each of these invocations of power will solve your requests, and they will keep away those people who have been causing you inconveniences. Do not continue tolerating what you can avoid through prayer.

Add a white candle before starting your prayer, to achieve a better result from it.


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