This Miraculous Prayer Was Hidden Because It Contains A High Power

This Miraculous Prayer Was Hidden Because It Contains A High Power

Welcome to this powerful post about Hidden Miraculous Prayer where we will reveal a prayer that has been hidden for a long time because of its high miraculous power. This prayer has been kept secret by many for years and we are excited to share it with you today.

If you are someone who is seeking a miracle in your life, whether it be for healing, prosperity, or protection, then this video is for you. Through this prayer, you will be able to tap into the divine energy that can help you manifest your deepest desires and fulfill your dreams.

So, if you are ready to experience the high miraculous power of this hidden prayer, then make sure to watch this video until the end. And don’t forget to share it with your loved ones who may also benefit from its miraculous effects.

Join us in this powerful prayer and experience the transformational power it holds. Let’s make miracles happen together!

Hidden Miraculous Prayer

Beloved Christ, today I wake up with great faith, trusting that You will mend everything that is damaged in my life and surroundings.

Yesterday and today, I felt pain in my chest and saw everything with pessimism.

But today, I wake up refreshed and strengthened because You entered my being, and strengthened every corner of my body and mind.

I want to use this moment of praise to sincerely apologize for my offenses, disrespect, and going against Your teachings.

I am ashamed of my actions and promise to be stronger to avoid occasions of sin.

I will do my best to show that I can be a better person, a faithful and devoted servant of Yours.

On the new day that is looming, I want to put everything in Your merciful hands.

Your hands have worked for the good of humanity. Those hands have built beautiful destinies, not pointing out or punishing.

Those hands caress, support, and comfort. Adored Lord, in the refuge that You provide, lies my victories, happiness, and progress.

Under Your mantle, I am safe. I find peace, feel content, and believe that nothing bad can happen to me.

Therefore, I ask You never to abandon me, despite my rudeness.

Today, I implore You that my actions and works take me to places of blessing and place me on the path of prosperity.

I will use all my gifts, values, and abilities to improve my relationship with my peers, help those in need, and avoid activities that hinder my spiritual growth.

Thank you to the friends who accompany me, for the family that deepens my love, and for my work that allows me to survive in a dignified way. 

For the health, for the opportunities, and for the daily challenges that allow me to learn, improve and strengthen myself.

Thank you for intervening and encouraging me on gray days, for giving me the chance to stand up again when I collapse due to my failures, for awakening my willpower, and for burning faith inside my heart.

I also thank you for being present in the life of each one of the people I love, for accompanying them on their paths, for bestowing blessings, and for your important guidance that leads them to happiness.

Give me the ability to differentiate good from bad people, differentiate your servants from the unworthy.

Give me the power to reject everything that will not be adequate to cultivate a happy life, beloved father, and lead me along enlightened paths.

Take me like a little child very close and from the hand of his father, from you comes everything I need: sustenance and health.

I am lucky because I have you by my side every day.

Eternal Lord, I surrender to you, acknowledging that all the good that comes into my life comes from your hand, acknowledging that you are my compassionate God.

I always want you with me because you give me the necessary support to move forward and prosper in my life.

I love you, and I praise and bless you because you are The Redeemer who rose from the dead to save us from sin and lead us to eternal life.


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  1. Oh I wish someone would please help me so I can get to stores and toy docs appt. I have no car. I wish and pray so much for help even a used car I wouldn’t know how to act. Amen thank you for listening. Amen.

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