Say This Wealth Prayer Out Loud

Say This Wealth Prayer Out Loud

Say This Wealth Prayer Out Loud And You Will Be Wealthy Forever and Share it with your friends and Families 🙂

In today’s video, I invite you to pray with me the powerful prayer of blessed money.

When you bless the energy of money that comes into your life, you send the universe a very important message, a message by virtue of which the universe knows that money is good for you, that you will use it for good, and that it is something you want in your life. life. Blessing money and thanking it in advance is a perfect way to attract money into your life BECAUSE YOU ARE ALIGNING yourself with the energy of wealth.

You will no longer have to worry if money comes into your life and if it will be enough to pay your bills or anything else you need. The money is there and it is available to everyone. When you bless him the way you are going to do it, you will draw him to you like a magnet.

You must do these affirmations for 21 days without fail, if one day you forget you must start over or finish a day later. Do it truly feeling what you say in it, and after 21 days leave me in the comments your experience that will be wonderful because it will make you change your life in financial matters.

Wealth Prayer

Father, open the eyes of my understanding. Teach me patience and make me see things justly and righteously. 

Build me from the ground up. Make me a wealth creator that will glorify You in every way. 

I will not let the love of sleep rob me of my provision. I choose to remain disciplined with my sleeping habits. 

When the alarm goes off I arise quickly—refreshed and ready to bring in the day’s harvest. 

Your Word is true and is working in my life. I have proven myself to be diligent on the job and in my business dealings. 

Set me up as the peer of nobles and kings, and keep me from obscure individuals who have no passion for Your kingdom. 

Father, I am wise enough to understand that there are those in the world who will make themselves my enemies. 

Teach me how to bless them. Show me how to expose the folly of their ways and turn them from the ways of wickedness to the ways of justice and righteousness. 

Teach me accounting skills. Open my eyes so that I may properly oversee what You have given me. 

Teach me how to invest and manage my holdings wisely so that my riches do not take wing. 

Father, I choose the ways of holiness. I will not walk in the perverse ways of society. 

I would rather be poor and have honor than be rich and be known as a perverse person. 

Father, I trust in You with all of my heart. I put strife far from me and commit myself to kindness and self-control.

I will not allow anger and contentions to rob me of the riches You have prepared for me. 

Father, I know that poverty saddens Your heart. Teach me to war against it. 

Bless me so that I may be a blessing to the poor. 

Make me be Your powerful fist that destroys the spirit of poverty by openly pouring showers of blessings on those in need. 

I do not focus on a greedy pursuit of riches. I refuse to have an evil eye that searches for ways to get rich in spite of the moral consequences.

I know that such a person leads a life of destruction and will one day lose everything. 

I am diligent in my business. I am a hard worker who constantly finds ways to make things better. 

In my diligence, I have earned the right to stand in the presence of kings. Mediocre men will find no peer in me. 

I would rather be poor and walk in honesty and integrity than be filthy rich and have a perverse and deceitful heart.  In Jesus’ name


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