Repeat This Prayer For 28 Days And The Results Will Surprise You

Repeat This Prayer For 28 Days And The Results About Prosperity Will Surprise You

They won a Lottery with this Prayer! Prosperity is one of the major factors in life so this prayer can bring it to You in just 28 days to make your life beautiful

You usually buy many lottery tickets and you are never lucky to win even a penny, in this post we bring you a very strong and powerful prayer to win the lottery. You just need to be very sure that if you are going to win and pray with a lot of faith and you will see that it is very effective and powerful, do not stop saying this prayer for 28 days!

Prayer to win the lottery in 28 days

At any time in our lives, we have gone through a very strong economic crisis and for that reason, we want to win the lottery, to get out of so many debts that torment us every day, and also in this way to be able to provide economic stability to our family and that It is not affected by the misuse of the money that we had investing where we should not, or simply by some bad period that we are going through and we are left without a job.

Being going through an economic crisis is not pleasant at all since it is a constant concern that brings us and sometimes, no matter how many things we try, we do not find any solution to the problem and we only want to win the lottery but also, no matter how hard we try, it is impossible, but these wrong (a) winning the lottery is not an impossible win if it can be uphill, it is a matter of luck and many people are just like you in search of that prize.

However, anyone can win the lottery, you just need a lot of security that you are going to do it, but above all, have a lot of faith in God, and you will see how the chances of winning will increase immediately since he can do everything and faith move mountains. Next, you will find a powerful prayer to win the lottery, do it with a lot of faith and conviction and you will see how powerful and effective it is.

28 Day Prosperity Prayer

I have no fear of the things I face in this life. With God on my side, no enemy can succeed against me. 

I know that in Jesus I have been given tremendous power and authority. 

I have the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means harm me! 

Therefore, I take authority over every evil force that is hindering my prosperity. I command every spirit of poverty to leave me now, in Jesus’ name! 

Father, even though I have this authority, it is not what matters most. What is most important is that I am Your child. My name is written in heaven.

I am a child in covenant partnership with You. In this, I truly rejoice. 

Father, I thank You for Your wisdom and guidance. I clearly see the folly of strife and will not allow it to remain in my presence. 

Neither my house nor my business shall be divided against itself. I take my authority and cast the spirit of strife from my presence for good. 

Never again will I allow strife and ungodly practices to become a part of my life. 

I take up arms against them. I have the strength of almighty God, and my goods are in peace. 

This is not a faltering decision, Father. 

I will not allow myself to waver and then find myself in a situation seven times worse than when the problem started. 

My house and business shall remain safe and secure under the power of Your anointing. 

I will not allow Satan to bring strife and bitterness into my life. I stand strong against spirits of division and confusion. 

My home and my finances are secure because I remain in partnership with God through tithing and taking my authority over evil forces. 

I carry the kingdom within me and drive out demons by the very finger of God. 

Demons may overpower many in the world, holding them captive to their every whim, but I have been sent into the world to set the captives free! 

Jesus attacked and conquered the forces of Satan, stripping them of all of their power and authority over the believer, and He has given me my portion of the spoils of war. 

I have taken my stand at His side, with total and complete authority over all demonic forces. 

I have taken His yoke upon me and hold His interests as my very own. 

I am careful not to be greedy in my new abundant life. 

I remain free of all covetousness, for I fully understand that my life does not consist of, nor is it sustained by, the amount of wealth and possessions that I have. 

I remain focused on the whole kingdom and not just the wealth therein. I understand my source of supply, and I am always willing to give. 

Through my generosity, I store up an endless, inexhaustible supply of treasure in heaven that no thief can steal and no moth can devour.  This is kingdom living and the life that I have chosen


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    Saturday, January 14, 2023

    “Thank you,” Abba Holy Father, the Great God Almighty, “I Am That I Am,” who art in Thy Holy Heaven, for me being the sole winner of the Biggest Lottery Jackpots, PCH Sweepstakes, Games of Chance, within the next (28)-Days/Month; for each and everything/blessing, in Christ Jesus’/ I[E]mmanuel’s/Ye[ho]shua’s Holy Righteous Name. Amen./Amein.

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