Protect Your Sleep with a Powerful Prayer Before Sleeping - A Guide to Connect with Divine Source

Protect Your Sleep with a Powerful Prayer Before Sleeping – A Guide to Connect with Divine Source

Please Repeat this Prayer Before sleeping. I never say so many blessings.

How much do you know about the importance of making a protection decree before going to sleep? There is no more special moment to connect with ourselves than the moment we already put our heads on our pillow, ready to enter the mysterious world of dreams.

In that small moment, it is when we make a real connection with our essence, with our divine source, and we surrender to who knows how many situations in which we lose conscious control.

That is why it is so necessary to make a protection decree before going to sleep. Repeat a prayer, decree, let go and trust, in order to feel safe and surrender our body to our protective beings of light. They will take care of it and purify any discordant energy that you have accumulated during the day.

When we make a prayer or a decree in a positive way, when we are already in bed, we will be raising our vibration frequency. In this way, we will be protecting ourselves from any attack from the astral bass, or from possible energy interference that may disturb our rest.

Repeating the following decree anchors you to a high vibration when you enter the alpha state of sleep, gives permission, or alerts your protective beings of light to take care of you in those hours when you will be “unconscious”. Remember that you must give them permission because they respect your free will.

Powerful Prayer Before Sleeping

Father, I enter Your presence with a heart full of gratitude and praise for Your abundant blessings.

You are the God of prosperity and abundance, and I thank You for pouring out Your blessings upon me.

Your love endures forever, and Your faithfulness is never-ending.

Lord, I thank You for the abundance You have already provided me with, and I ask that You continue to bless me with more.

Please grant me financial prosperity so that I may be a blessing to others and advance Your kingdom.

I trust that You will finish the work You started in me and that Your loving-kindness will never cease.

Thank You for the abundance of life You have given me, and for the promise of life more abundantly through Jesus Christ.

I pray that You bless me with the Spirit of Truth, who will lead me into all truth and reveal what is to come.

May Your abundant grace teach me to believe the best of others, to hope in all circumstances, and to endure without weakening.

Lord, I thank You for the intelligence and discernment You have given me, so that I may know You personally and understand Your will for my life.

May You continue to give me clear vision and focus, so that I may fulfill Your purpose for me.

I thank You for Your boundless strength and endless energy, and for the victory that comes through the blood of the Lamb and the word of my witness.

I am Your faithful servant, and I will continue to honor and praise Your holy name.

Dear Father, I approach you with courage, knowing that you are constantly by my side. 

You are my protector and my abundant provider. You shield me from wicked people and shower me with blessings.

Father, I acknowledge that it is Your desire for me to live in freedom and abundance, and not to be bound by the yoke of slavery. 

You have already set me free and invited me to experience Your prosperity. 

I thank You that You have blessed me greatly. You bless my substance and my employment. 

You promote me to positions of leadership and give me employees that are loyal and wise. 

My production increases continually, and my salary is blessed by Your anointing. 

I trust that You will never let oppression have power over me. 

Your covenant with me is always remembered, and I am confident that no matter what trials I face in this life, I will emerge from them with great blessings from Your abundant treasures.

When my enemies rise against me, I am not afraid. My Father is always with me. 

In Him, I am indeed a stranger in a strange land. I am a different breed – born in the blood of the Lamb. 

I live above the confines of the world system. No matter what my oppressors do to me, I shall emerge triumphant with great substance as my reward. 

In the name of Jesus, I pray for abundance and prosperity in all areas of my life.


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