Prayers for Supernatural Breakthroughs

Prayers for Supernatural Breakthroughs

SECRET PRAYER FOR Supernatural Breakthroughs: You will never lack money again! read it with complete Faith and See the Magic with your finances and Business. It’ll open the doors of Money

These video prayers will help you to have a mantle of abundance, and prosperity and that you never lack any work to see what you want. May greed or greed not be filled with you. Perform these prayers day and night, with the greatest faith you can have in what you ask for, concentrate on it and ask for it constantly.

Take advantage of the opportunity to channel your finances and find a job source. A simple act of faith invoking those powerful spiritual forces will be enough to start over.

If you want to attract money, get money, in a lasting way, this compendium of prayers will be very useful, to attract luck we just need to have a willing mind and heart.

Prosperity is at your fingertips, make it come true.

The prayers, which you will have to say daily full of enthusiasm and energy, will have a magical and sensitive response sent by these angels and saints from their spiritual orbit. Take a look at these miraculous prayers and don’t underestimate them …they are for you!

Have these prayers moved you? Well, if so, I encourage you to say them out loud and with the devotion of a suffering and desperate human being, recite them and wait for the miracle.

Your new job will arrive and also the money that is scarce today, put immaculate faith, serenity and confidence to raise them to the place where your voice will reach… and from where the granted miracle will appear!

Opening Prayer

The Lord has set His face against anyone who would curse me. 

For He has declared that I am to be blessed. 

Breakthrough Prayer

Father, I fully trust Your Word. 

I do not mentally assent to it but fully trust it. 

I do not say that I believe and then allow my actions to display mistrust. 

I know that You make good on everything You have promised me.

I understand that there is more to the situation than what my eyes can see. 

You have given Your command of blessing. 

It cannot be reversed. Therefore, I am blessed.

I thank You for being my unfailing provider. 

You know all that I endure in this life. You know every hardship and trial. 

In all situations, You are always there for me. 

You always cause me to prosper in whatever I set my hand to do. 

You see to it that I am fed and clothed. 

You never fail to provide for me. 

Because of You, I shall never want. 

I truly love You with all of my heart. You are the first love of my life. 

Nothing that I desire compares with You. 

Knowing You is more important to me than any other pursuit. 

Therefore, I commit myself to Your Word. 

I will speak of it morning, noon, and night. 

It shall encompass all of my conversations. 

I will speak of it when I sit in my house, when I lie down, when I rise up, and when I walk by the wayside.

I will teach it diligently to my children and my grandchildren. 

It shall be as a sign upon my hand and as frontlets before my eyes. 

I make my commitment before You to make Your Word the final authority in my life.

Father, I thank You that through Your Word You cause me to inherit great wealth. 

My house is filled with good things. 

I enjoy abundant provision in the land You have given me. 

I read the work of others as an inheritance from You. 

I will not forget that You alone cause me to possess these things.

All that I have is from Your hand. I thank You for it all. 

Praise be to Your holy name! 

Closing Prayer

I love my heavenly Father with all of my mind, all of my spirit, and all of my physical strength. 

His Word is implanted and deeply rooted in my mind and in my heart. 

By these statutes, I receive an abundance of blessings. 

By the promise of the Lord, I am brought into a prosperous dwelling. 

Through Him, my home is supplied with an abundance of good things. 

All that I have has been given to me by His grace. 

It is the Lord who prospers me and gives me an inheritance of things that I did not provide. 

I will not forget what He has done for me. 


Type “Amen” if you believe that

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