Prayer To Jesus Without Opening Your Eyes

Prayer To Jesus Without Opening Your Eyes

Recite This Prayer To Jesus Without Opening Your Eyes & A Miracle Will Happen In The Next 5 Days! Listen carefully to this prayer to Jesus and a miracle will happen in your life.

Close your eyes, release all your thoughts, and allow God to enter the depths of your Being. Observe what you feel while listening to this miraculous prayer!

Enjoy these prayers on video. Let God work in your life even when you don’t see the light in your walk, He has control of everything. Keep trusting in Him and don’t stop walking. Find refuge in the Word of God, because in it there is a hidden strength that wants to free your soul from all pessimism.

Jesus said, “Forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they do”. He suffered but despite this, he recognized that pain, he went through it, and he accepted that this pain had come into his life despite not having looked for it, he looked at the sky and forgave those who caused it because he understood that the souls of those who tortured him did not they were ready for his light. That they acted from the ego, and the ego is the one that moves everyone who hurts.

Jesus himself, in his passage through this world, gave us valuable teaching on the matter in his relationship with Saint Peter. He denied him three times, but despite this, Jesus forgave him and continued to welcome him as his disciple, as his friend, with all his love.

Prayer to Jesus

Father, I acknowledge that You alone are my provider. I refuse to give in to circumstances. 

I know that You are above all and that there is no situation or circumstance that can hinder Your blessing in my life.

I sow my seed in the morning, and in the evening I do not withhold my hand. 

I trust You. I know that my seed shall prosper and bring forth fruit to Your glory. 

Increase my substance. Make me a blessing to many!

Thank You for making me Your covenant child. I am no longer Satan’s captive. 

You broke my bonds and set me free. All of my sins have been erased from the first to the last. 

They have all nailed to the cross 2,000 years ago. You now think of me with joy, praise, and honor. 

The world shall see and hear of Your love for me and stand in awe. 

They shall fear and tremble at the goodness and prosperity that You pour into my life. 

Enlighten the eyes of my understanding that I may know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. 

Increase my wisdom more and more so that I may understand the ways of abundance. 

I am cleansed of all sin and forgiven of all of my rebellion against God. 

At this very moment, I stand in His presence as holy as Jesus Himself. 

This puts a smile on God’s face and frees Him to do what He has wanted to do all along: be a Father to me and bless me with my portion of His inheritance. 

It gives my Father tremendous joy to bless me with all good things. 

Not only this, but He also receives praise, honor, and great renown among those who hear of what He has done for me. 

Their mouths gape in astonishment at the abundant prosperity and peace that He provides for His children. 

All wicked spirits are subject to my authority in Jesus’ name. 

I have all of the authority that I need to trample down serpents and scorpions; and I have mental, physical, and spiritual strength over and above all that the enemy possesses. 

There is nothing that Satan can do to harm me in any way. 

For me, Satan and his demons are little more than harmless, pesky bugs. 

Nevertheless, I do not find great joy in my ability to cast out demons or the fact that they are subject to my authority, but I rejoice that my name has been written in heaven and that I am honored as a child of the living God.  This I declare in Jesus’ name


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    Khaleelah aneesah Ar-raheem

    I pray that my loves adam and crushes are still alive in the physical world today and live a very long life pass 100yrs I pray the same for my family and myself and true friends. I pray that that I never have children with John k ii in ever in my physical or spiritual life. I pray to God almighty that I have biological children with the man I call adam. i pray that I give birth five sons and one daughter with adam and that my sons look exactly 💯 wrp and my daughter looks like me and that all my children live pass hundreds and they are tall forever. I pray that the I call adam is my permanent twin flame, soul mate and soul tribe baby daddy permanently. I pray that me and adam look like how I positively dream permanently please God almighty answer my prayers and these prayers are answered never broken o r regretted.

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