Best Prayer to be Debt Free

Best Prayer to be Debt Free

I will pay your debts the message from God that you were waiting for. Read these prayers with faith and from the heart you Will be shocked. Don’t forget to share the Prayers of debt free

I will pay your debts. Give them to me – God

Today God tells you through this message to give all your debts to the one who will pay them as well as the payment for your salvation on the cross before he was born, he also tells us not to look for more unnecessary debts and stop wanting to carry one life that does not correspond to us.

Let the world live as it wants, we live according to the will of God.

At some point in our lives there comes a time when debts seem to drown us, whether we are generated because of an investment loan, emergency, or to acquire our own property such as a vehicle or a house, being in debt is horrible and generates great anxiety until the moment we pay every penny. But I will tell you a fact that you may be forgetting. Grieving and stressing too much won’t solve anything at all.

Instead of getting frustrated by the money, you have to pay in a specific manner, why don’t you focus your energy on working with dedication, passion, and love in your daily work? Why don’t you take it upon yourself to strengthen your spirit with a powerful prayer to get out of debt? Here I teach you 10 prayers to help you pay debts quickly and increase your income, pray them with your heart full of faith and trust that Jesus Christ listens to you and intercedes for you.

If you are feeling that being in debt is your main problem, that your economy is at risk, that your savings are minimal and that despair begins to wreak havoc on your mind and soul, it is time to approach the Almighty and his Angels. to give you a hand and solve these tortuous moments.

Remember that the power of God is infinite and that without it we will be lost, aimlessly, not knowing where to go or who to turn to. If you pray with good intentions, with hope, and with a heart clean of evil, envy, or anger, these prayers to pay debts and multiply money will be extremely effective and powerful, so never hesitate to go to the Almighty so that your path may be illuminated. with prosperity and abundance.

Prayer to be Debt Free 

Father, thank You for sculpting me in such a way that I produce much fruit for Your kingdom.

I am a productive branch of the Vine. I have been pruned for an abundant increase. I abide in Jesus and He abides in me. 

I do not produce things by my own power, but by the power of almighty God! 

I am completely dependent upon Jesus as the source of all of my abilities. 

Miracles do not come to me by my own power but by Your power flowing through me. 

Father, I have sown the Word in my heart. It is living and abiding within me. 

I know that whatever I ask according to Your Word, I shall receive. 

I purpose in my heart to glorify You, Father. 

I will bear much fruit and produce in abundance for Your glory. 

Jesus is the true vine and my Father is the master gardener. I am a branch of the true Vine. 

If I am not bearing fruit, my Father will prune away at me (cleansing and training me) until I do. 

He makes me what I am until I continually increase and bear richer and more excellent fruit. 

I am a cleansed, pruned, and well-fed branch of the Vine because of the Word. 

I dwell in Jesus and He dwells in me. My life is totally dependent upon Him. 

Just as a branch cannot live, let alone bear fruit if it is not in vital union with the Vine, neither can I live and bear fruit unless I remain in vital union with Jesus. 

Jesus is the Vine, and I am one of the branches that come forth from Him. 

I live in and by Him, and I bear an abundance of good fruit. Apart from Him, I can do nothing. 

I am in vital union with Jesus, living and remaining in Him continually. 

His Word remains in me, rooted and grounded within the depths of my heart. 

Through the Word, I have a complete revelation of the will and purpose of my Father. 

Therefore, whatever I ask of the Father in Jesus’ name, in line with the Word and in incessantly active faith, I am guaranteed to receive. 

My Father is honored and glorified when I bear a great variety and abundance of fruit. 

By this, I show myself to be a true disciple of Jesus. 

Father, it is a glory and a wonder that I have become Your child. 

It is an awesome thing for me to be welcome at Your throne. 

I am Your own son/daughter, and Jesus is my elder brother. 

At this very moment, I am an heir to Your kingdom. 

You love me as much as You love Jesus. 

Whatever I ask of You in Jesus’ name, You give to me so that my joy may be full. 

You speak to me plainly, and I enjoy sweet fellowship in Your presence.

Oh, the wonder of it, Father. I plan on taking full advantage. 

I will cling to Your garments and find refuge in Your arms.

I place You at the front of all that I do. 

I know that with You at the point, everything I set my hand to do will prosper. 

I thank You for Your Word of grace, which is able to build me up and give me an inheritance among the sanctified. 

I do not covet that which belongs to another, and I keep myself from a spirit of greed and selfishness. 

I work with my own hands to produce profit in my life, and I am ever willing to give to those in need.

I know that nothing that I give is in vain. 

My giving is like making a deposit into my heavenly account. 

I always receive back more than I have provided. 

I give liberally and yet increase all the more. 

In You, Father, it is truly more blessed to give than to receive. 


Trust, ask him from your heart.

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