Prayer so that it does not rain on your wedding day. It works!

We all wish that our wedding day is perfect, and one of the things that could spoil our day is rain. For this reason, we bring you a prayer to prevent it from raining on your wedding day. You must pray it from the day you know the date of your wedding, each new dawn.

Ask that everything goes very well and don’t allow anything to spoil our plans. With this prayer to prevent it from raining on your wedding day, you will be able to calm down when thinking about everything that could go wrong.

God is always listening to our prayers, and he is happy giving his children what makes them happy. So, you can be sure that HE will not allow anything to harm the great happiness that you will feel that day. He places your day in his hands and drives away all rain that can cause some damage to your day.

Prayer to Prevent Rain on My Wedding Day

With this prayer to avoid rain on your wedding day, you can make sure that nothing can harm the beautiful ceremony you have planned for your marriage, in which you will place your life and that of your partner in the hands of the Lord, to bless and care for them during their union.

Dear God, today I come before you to thank you
for placing this person in my path,
to love us, take care of us, respect us,
and protect us forever.

I thank you for allowing us to make the decision today
to unite our lives in holy matrimony.

But I want to ask you to let nothing happen
this important day in our lives,
avoid anything that could harm it.

In this region, it is common for there to be sudden rains, Lord.
That’s why I ask you to avoid rain on this day.
Don’t let the rain ruin
the beautiful and special ceremony.

What we have been planning so far.
Well, you know how much sacrifice we have made
each of these things to create
a beautiful memory in our lives.

We give you our lives and ask you
bless the union that
we’ll do this next (say the date of your marriage).

We are faithfully devoted to you,

we trust that you will be in charge of blessing us
and protect us from now until the day
when we leave this world.

Once again, I beg you to move away
from our special day all bad omens,
keep the rain from coming to spoil what we’ve done.

Also, we ask you to help us
so that on that day, there is only peace and love in our ceremony,
that our relatives accept each other
and feel happy from the union of our lives.

That they understand that not only do we unite as a couple,
but we will begin to form a single family,
in which love and respect must reign.

Peace and understanding,
so that our coexistence is happy
and in communion with you always.

In you, we trust, Lord,
we love and praise you today and always,
in the name of your son Jesus Christ
we beg you and ask for your great protection
in our day and our lives.

Your Wedding Day Will Be Blessed by God

Count on the day you decided to join in marriage with the person you love, and you know that the ideal to form your life and your family is the best thing that can happen. God will always be attentive to making this an unforgettable day for you.

If you live in a place where it is common for it to rain during the season in which you decided to get married, you must pray to avoid rain on your wedding day. Ask God to keep the rain away from the place you have arranged to join in marriage.

This day will be the happiest of your life, so ask God every day to bless it, not to allow anything to spoil it. Let each of the plans they have for that day be as they have thought and always wanted since they made the big decision.


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