Prayer Of Money, Wealth, And Abundance ๐Ÿ’ธ

Once you ask for money there is no going back!!

If you are going through a difficult situation and you want to get money urgently, you have come to the right place because these prayers are not suitable to recover, attract, or activate abundance in your life and that of your relatives.

By raising these prayers, luck will be on your side, and whatever your situation, family or to boost a business, pray with devotion and you will see how the miracle happens.

The prayer that we present to you below will help you attract money and abundance so quickly that even you will be surprised. Do it with faith and gratitude, feel that abundance is already in your life.

This prayer is efficient so that money multiplies like rice in your hands, pray incessantly but also think about how you can help those most in need, so the provision will not be lacking in your home.

This prayer is ideal to lighten the arrival of money in your life and you can cover all your needs, your pockets will be full of coins, and bills when you least expect it.

This prayer will open the channels of abundance, and remove obstacles for money to arrive effectively, so much so that you will become a magnet for abundance in all its forms.

Prayer of Money and Abundance

Father God, I clearly see that by faith You created the worlds. You called those things that are not as though they were. 

This is the example that You have set before me. The charge that You have given me is to live my life in the same way. I will obey that charge. 

I shall walk by faith and not by sight. I know that faith is the substance of the things I hope for and the evidence of the things I do not see. 

Therefore, no matter what the testimony of the circumstances is, I will remain confident that I shall have the things that I say. 

I choose to do that which is pleasing in Your sight. I choose to live a life of faith. 

I  believe in You with all of my heart, and I know that You reward me as I diligently seek You. 

I am de s ti n ed to receive blessings beyond measure! 

Father, I choose to be a cheerful giver. I joyfully allow the spoiling of my goods to bless my church.

I know that none of my giving is in vain. My generosity produces for me a better and more enduring substance in heaven. 

Therefore, I will not cast away my confidence which has great recompense of reward. 

By faith and patience, after I have done the will of God, I receive the promise! 

I acknowledge Jesus as my high priest. I do not hesitate to give Him a tenth of my spoils. 

I recognize that I have the promises and that the blessing of Abraham has been placed upon my life. 

I am blessed to be a blessing. I will follow Abrahamโ€™s lead and freely give my spoils as a blessing for my priest. 

I diligently seek the Lord and walk by faith in every area of my life. My focus is not on adverse circumstances, but on the promise of God. 

I know that what I see is not the whole truth. I choose to believe in and live by what I do not see, and my Father rewards me abundantly for it. 

My faith is the substance of the things I hope for. It is the evidence that I have what I do not see. Through faith I maintain a good report. 

I know that when I believe the promise with my heart, and speak it from my mouth, it shall manifest in my life. 

I am a tither. I honor Jesus and tithe to Him through my church. He is my high priest. He is my king of peace and righteousness. It is He who holds the promises. 

Therefore, I will honor Him with my tithes and receive His promises in my life. 

I freely give for I know that I shall receive back much more in return. 

I will not throw down my faith, because I know in due time I will reap and be richly rewarded. 

I am resolved to persevere through any and every difficulty, not looking at the circumstance but with my eyes fixed on the promise. 

I know that once I have fulfilled the requirements of the promise, I will receive it in its full measure. 


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