Powerful Prayer for Instant Money

Powerful Prayer for Instant Money

Do this prayer and the money will come into your life You’ll be surprised by the results! Best Prayers to get Instant money. Read with Faith and Must Share.

Dear friend, God wants to answer your requests! He wants you to experience the joy of receiving what you have asked of Him ( John 16:24 )

This week’s passage is so deep and contains such great promises that it is necessary to meditate and delve into it several times in order to really understand all that it means.

Instant Money Prayer

Father, I am not greedy for gain. Riches can receive no allegiance here.

My first thought in all matters of increase is to advance Your kingdom and Your righteousness.

Though I respect money, I do not revere it. My reverence belongs to You and You alone.

You alone cause me to prosper. Therefore, You alone do I honor.

I hate all bribes and dishonest gain, for such gain is dishonorable and brings reproach to the name that I love.

Thank You for revealing to me the folly of gaining riches illegally and immorally.

I would rather be poor than have great riches with no honor.

Great riches are not worth the sacrifice of my good name.

Therefore, in everything that I do, I will keep my integrity.

Father, You are a God of justice and fairness.

Therefore, in all of my business ventures I will seek the benefit of all concerned.

I will not be unfair and try to keep all the profits for myself.

My goals prosper under Your mighty hand, and the result is gain for all parties concerned.

I will maintain fairness and honesty in all of my business dealings.

I am determined that nothing I do will be considered crooked or unjust.

Father, I know that Jesus has become for me wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.

Therefore, open the eyes of my understanding above all things.

Make me wise in my pursuit of prosperity so that I may honor you in all that I do.

Help me to maintain my focus on the path You have placed before me.

Father, I choose to have a humble spirit.

I choose to be a lover of justice and righteousness.

I will not gain riches by dishonest or violent means.

I know that pride goes before destruction.

Therefore, I will be a companion of the humble, not the proud and arrogant.

For me, wisdom is so much better than gold.

I cherish understanding infinitely more than fine silver.

Riches are fleeting, but wisdom always remains.

My path in this life is completely separate from evil things.

I keep my way pure and in so doing I preserve my soul.

I do not allow arrogance to enter my heart and cause me to fall.

No, my spirit always remains humble and in true submission to God.

I would much rather hang out with the homeless than to divide riches with the proud and arrogant.

I am not greedy for gain and I despise all bribes.

My riches are gained through diligence under the companionship and leadership of Almighty God.

Father, thank You so much for this unfailing system of seedtime and harvest You have set in the earth.

I see every gift as a precious stone. I know that my seed is my miracle.

When I release it into Your kingdom, it prospers in every direction.

I am a carrier of good seeds. My gift is precious to me.

When I sow it into the good ground it shall become a tree of life branching out in every direction.

In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Trust, ask him from your heart.

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