Powerful prayer against evil Spirits, envy, witchcraft, sorcery, and blockages

Powerful prayer against evil Spirits, envy, witchcraft, sorcery, and blockages

Most powerful prayer against evil spirits, envy, witchcraft, sorcery, and blockages. Read this prayer with faith and then wait for a magic and share it with your Friends and Family.

One prayer against all evil!! The prayer to break all kinds of curses, witchcraft and spells are very powerful.

In fact, this prayer is effective to ward off diabolical entities and evil spirits, cutting and destroying all kinds of curses, ties, witchcraft, and spells that have been sent against us, or against our home, family, animals, work, or our loved ones.

We will ask through this powerful prayer that by the power of the Blood of Christ the evil powers be destroyed and that nothing and no one can cause us any harm and with the Power of God we are safe and sound in our minds, bodies, souls and our hearts. be purified.

With this prayer to break all kinds of curses, peace and security will return to you, your loved ones, and your home.

Pray preferably fasting and with fervor and ask our Lord to be present in your life, grant you refuge, and protect you from any enemy and evil.

In this video, you’ll find the powerful prayer to break and destroy Hexes, Witchcraft, and Spells.

Powerful Prayer

Father, I thank You that You personally fight my battles for me. 

You take up the battle as Your own and fight for me. 

It is therefore impossible for me to ever be defeated. 

No matter how strong the enemy looks, or how many forces he has on his side, I will not be afraid. 

You are on my side! I will stand my ground and sing aloud Your praises. 

Victory is mine in Jesus’ name! 

Father, I make my quality choice right now to believe in You. 

I know that in You I am firmly established. 

You give revelation to Your prophets, and I choose to believe. 

I prosper under my pastor’s guidance. 

I give You praise and honor for the tremendous love You have shown me.

I praise the beauty of Your holiness. I praise You for Your grace and mercy. 

I have no fear because I know You are with me. 

I am surrounded by Your favor and blessings continually. 

In the midst of turmoil and battles, I praise Your holy name! 

Set an ambush on those who have come against me, Father. 

Set them to confusion and make them fall by a sword from their own camp. 

Let none of them escape. I know I shall enjoy the fruit of Your victory. 

I emerge unscathed from every battle. I spoil the camp of the enemy and find riches in abundance. 

What the enemy leaves behind, I will possess. 

Father, I exalt and magnify Your holy name! 

You always cause me to triumph so that I may enjoy the spoils of war. 

I do not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, I do not participate in sinful activities, and I do not act scornfully towards others. 

My delight is in Your Word. In it, I meditate day and night. 

I thank You, Father, that Your anointing flows mightily through me. 

I am like a tree that is planted by rivers of water. I bring forth fruit in abundance. 

My leaf never withers, my accounts do not dwindle, and everything that I set my hand to do prospers. 

My delight, gratification, and satisfaction are in the Word of the living God. 

In it, I meditate—speaking it to myself day and night—engrafting and rooting it deeply into my spirit. 

Through this, my way is made prosperous; and I achieve tremendous success. 

I am like a tree that is planted beside freshwater springs. I bear the best fruit in my life. 

Everything about me exudes life, and everything that I set my hand to do prospers. 

It is such a joy for me to be able to trust in the Lord. 

Knowing that His eyes never leave me and that He is always there to defend me fills my heart with elation! 

He has set me apart to bless me with His abundance and surrounds me with His favor as with a shield. 

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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