Powerful Decree | Receive A Million Dollars

Powerful Decree | Receive A Million Dollars

With this Powerful Decree, You will receive 1 million with this decree. Recite this With Faith and don’t forget to share it with Your Friends.

Unless you learn to think like a millionaire, you will have trouble making money and becoming a millionaire. To think like a millionaire you must have the right thoughts and beliefs about money.

Millionaires, billionaires, and trillionaires have unique ways of making money. Learn about them and learn to apply them to your own belief system.

Most human beings allow almost any doubt or distraction (no matter how small) to keep them from their dreams, whether it means starting an online business, or simply living with a more positive attitude.

Undo the blocks to money and wealth, through the repetition of these powerful affirmations. And the doors of Abundance will open in your life so that you take possession of what belongs to you by Divine right.

Powerful Decree

I have a purpose in my heart to never forget the law of God. 

God’s precepts and promises are life to me in abundance. 

Through them, length of days, long life, and peace are added unto me. 

Father, Teach me to walk in them. Help me to be the person You have created me to be. 

I will not let mercy and truth depart from me. 

I bind them about my neck and write them on the tablet of my heart. 

I know by the authority of Your Word that when I cling to mercy and truth, I win favor from You and all of mankind. 

Father, I choose to trust in You with all of my heart. I do not lean on what my eyes see or what my ears hear. 

My trust is in You alone. I choose to believe in Your promises. 

I will not be guided by circumstances. I am guided by Your Word. 

By it, all of my paths are made straight and my success is guaranteed. 

I reject human wisdom and cling to the spiritual understanding You have given me.

I do not consider myself to be wise because of the things that I see. 

I maintain a deep and reverential respect for You, Father, and I depart from the evil ways of the world system. 

This is health to my flesh and strength to my bones. I will not take Your Word lightly. 

I know that I would have nothing if it weren’t for You. 

Therefore, I will honor You by giving You the first fruits of all of my increase. 

In this, I declare that You are in charge of all that I possess. 

I know today that power is set in motion on my behalf. 

You cause my income to multiply exponentially. 

My storage places are anointed for prosperity. 

My accounts shall be filled with plenty, and my vats shall burst forth with new wine. 

I do not forget the benefits of living wisely. 

I understand the rules that I must follow to be a success in life, and I submit to them willingly. 

Because of this, my life is prolonged by many years and my prosperity overflows like a geyser in a desert land. 

I will never fail to let love and faithfulness fill me. I give my whole heart to trust in the Lord. 

I will not be the fool who balances his life on the brace of human understanding. 

I am God-minded at all times and never cease to acknowledge His presence to guide me in all that I do. 

He sees what I cannot see and knows what I do not know. 

With Him at the point, all of my paths are made straight. 

Therefore, I will never put my own wisdom before the Lord’s. 

I shun all evil and look to God for my provision. This brings health and vitality to my body and strength to all of my bones. 

I would have nothing if it weren’t for my heavenly Father. 

Therefore, I will honor Him with my wealth and the best part of all of my increase. This I declare in Jesus’ name


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