One Night Money Prayer

One Night Money Prayer

Father, I choose to honor You by being a fair and honest person.

I will deal justly with others and never cheat them for dishonest gain.

I reject arrogant pride and cling to honor and humility. 

Teach me the ways of integrity, Father. Lead me on paths of justice and righteousness. 

For riches will not profit me in the day of wrath, but righteousness will deliver me from death. 

You have blessed all of my accounts and have filled my treasuries. 

Teach me to save and invest well so that I may show myself to be a person of power. 

I know that being in a position of leadership often births unwarranted enemies. I will not let them bring me down. 

I am called to be the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath. 

Murmurers and back-biters might as well get used to it. 

I am not so foolish as to follow after get rich quick schemes. 

I will not listen to vain people who try to get me to join their wealth-building systems—telling me how easy and effortless it is.

I am wise enough to know that riches and laziness are contrary to each other. 

You prosper what I set my hand to do, not what I sit back and expect to be blessed with. 

Father, I thank You for giving me balanced wisdom. 

You have not placed me here to be taken advantage of. 

My name is important to me, and I will not risk dishonoring it just to be secure for another. 

I will not be one to co-sign and then find my name muddied due to lack of payment. 

I am a fair and just person and never allow myself to cheat others. 

When arrogant pride tries to enter my heart, I stand strong against it. 

I always remain humble and aware of who I am. 

My integrity guides me, and my trust is properly directed. My riches are but a tool. 

I know that they will not profit me in the day of wrath, but my righteousness will deliver me from death. 

Therefore, I let righteousness and purity direct me in my way. 

When trouble comes, righteousness shall deliver me. 

I am gracious and generous in all that I do. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. 

Through His wisdom, I fill my savings accounts with an abundance of riches. 

I will not allow myself to be influenced by those who do not know the truth. 

I would rather be despised and have a servant than be caught up in false humility and struggle to make ends meet. 

It is the diligence of my hands that brings me abundant wealth. 

What I have, I have earned through hard work and keeping the precepts of the Lord my God. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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