Unexpected Money Prayer |Find money on the street

Unexpected Money Prayer |Find money on the street

With this Money Prayer FIND MONEY EVERYWHERE!!! Say this prayer to find the cash fast when you need it. Comment down with Ameen and Share with your friends.

Coins and bills found on the street bring good luck and more prosperity and abundance. But remember that all money that comes into your hands is from God and is not yours.

You can see that in most of the parables in the gospels. For example, in the parable of the talents, Jesus explains to us that God gives us money according to our ability. And that our obligation is to multiply that money. Because God rewards those who work and multiply money. And that money is not ours, it is the money that God entrusts to us. And if we want to receive more money and blessings As you can see, we should not ask God for money, we are wrong to do that.

Money and material goods should not be in the vocabulary of our prayers. What we must ask God for is CAPACITY. The capacity that allows us to manage large amounts of money. To have a decent life and be able to care for, feed, and shelter everyone in need Starting with our loved ones who depend on us.

For example, a Japanese Colombian billionaire named Yokoi Kenji. In one of his conferences, he tells us that he prayed to God to have a car. And he never got it, but his desire was so great that he bought the car, owing thousands of dollars. However, he did not achieve happiness or fulfillment, in fact, the loan was liquidating him financially. Yokoi Kenji understood that God was not on his side and so he began to pray in a different way. He asked God for help with a purpose-driven tourism project. Where he had the mission to save the lives of the Japanese because of the devastating depression due to excess stress and discipline. And he also wanted to save Colombians from unemployment due to a lack of strategies in educational training. Yokoi Kenji really wanted to help others with all his heart and put money and material goods aside.

But thanks to focusing on asking God for capacity instead of money. He managed to become a billionaire speaker who helps Japanese and Colombians. For this reason, we must ask God for CAPACITY to manage money. Because many lucky people won the lottery. They failed to manage their money because they did not have the capacity. When you don’t have the capacity, money moves away from you. When you have a great purpose that fills your soul, money comes to you. But always be humble and remember that the money is not yours but it is in your hands. Make God proud of you Multiply your wealth.

Unexpected Money Prayer

Eternal Father, 

You are my Holy Father who gives me everything I need. 

I ask you with all my heart that your blessed light illuminate my path. 

Let me see what cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

Let me understand what no one understands. 

I ask you to send me a sign of your grace through an unexpected gift.

Father, all that You give me I consider to be precious.

I purpose in my heart to be a good steward of Your riches. 

I am determined to be someone who works hard for their substance. 

I will take good care of what I have and diligently reinvest in Your kingdom. 

Father, I will not allow riches to cause me to become prideful and arrogant. 

I am blessed to be a blessing, not a pitiful miser. 

My deep desire is to have a good name and to be known to all as a generous and honest servant.

I know that ill-gotten treasures are fleeting. 

They are like grasping at oil and so on they diminish. 

Therefore, I commit myself to work hard with my own hands, for that is the channel that causes the flow of Your anointing to pour through my life.

I am one who gathers by labor, and my increase never fails.  

I will not pursue riches while forgetting the One who gives them to me.

Without the Lord, I am nothing. I choose to give up all that I am in order to have all that He is. 

My life is God’s and I will live it in whatever way He wants me to. 

Holy Father, allow me to join you in body, mind, and soul. 

To enjoy your immense love and your unchanging peace. 

I thank You for the godly counsel You have placed in my life.

I follow their instruction and gain honor by doing what they teach me to do. 


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