Miraculous Prayer | You will see results

Miraculous Prayer | You will see results

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Your Angel’s Message For Today Tells you that the keyword and angelic guidance is «ACTIVITY» and the work that you are going to have today. Today is going to be a day in which you will have to do many tasks and it is important that you prepare yourself from the first moment so that you try to do things at a calm but constant pace. You may get a little stressed because you will notice that others do not keep up with you, but you focus on your own and your own affairs.

Today you will be very reflective about your goals and your projects. You will spend the day thinking about what you want to build in your life and you will set long-term goals. It is important that you stay focused and do not get discouraged. Keep keeping a humble attitude and learn everything you can learn. Listen to people today that you don’t usually listen to too much, because you’ll be surprised to see that there are people from whom you thought you couldn’t learn anything new and yet it’s not like that.

In your workplace, there are many people who are rethinking where they want to direct their professional future and this will make you think a lot about your own professional future. If you think about it, do not do it demandingly or judiciously, do it from an honest point of view but at the same time be compassionate and understanding with yourself. Do not compare yourself with others because comparison only results in pain and suffering. Learn to admire those who are successful without envying them or comparing yourself to them.

Today you will begin important negotiations that will take place throughout this month. You begin to open a new path and new possibilities unfold before you. You must stay focused on the fact that you can achieve your goals if you continue to work with perseverance and perseverance.

And today’s angelic influences work on understanding and empathy. These influences will help you to be more understanding with the people around you and to put yourself in their place, but they will also help other people to understand you and stop to think for a few moments about how you feel. Take advantage of the performance of the angels on this day to improve your connection with important people and settle differences.

Your angel’s advice for today is: You want answers that you’re not getting. You are getting impatient and you are a little distressed by all that information you need. Today you must make an effort to put those thoughts aside and allow things to follow their natural and harmonious course. Trust that what you need to know you will know in due time.


God protects you and the Angels guide your way!

Miraculous Prayer

God’s wisdom, power, and creative energies are extended and expressed through me, just as a branch of a tree is an extension of the life of the tree. 

I am a son of God, and I inherit all the rights, privileges, and blessings of God’s riches. 

I center my mind on God and sense my oneness with this invisible Presence. 

I believe in infinite substance and infinite supply. 

I believe and mentally accept now that the Infinite is showering me with Its riches, bringing harmony, inspiration, blessings, and abundance into my life. 

I am one with my Father. His creative power is mine. 

His wisdom, strength, intelligence, and understanding are also my wisdom, strength, intelligence, and understanding. 

Infinite Intelligence directs me in all my ways, and His spirit of opulence is my abundance, success, and well-being. 

I open my mind and heart to the riches of the Infinite, and prosperity follows all my efforts. 

God and man are one. My Father and I are one.

I have received power and miraculous ability. 

I have become a living witness, demonstrating God’s presence with me to my neighborhood, my city, my country and the uttermost parts of the earth.

I fully understand that there are many different gifts that the Spirit gives and that any one of them can work in my life at any given moment. 

I also know that no spiritual gift operates in my life but that which is given to me for the common good and edification of all.

All of the miracle-working power that flows through me is not my own. 

It is the power of God working in and through me doing those things that bring joy to His heart.

Therefore, I declare His Word fearlessly, in the name of Jesus, and He stretches out His hand to perform signs, wonders and miracles on my behalf!

The Holy Spirit performs many signs, wonders, and miracles by my hands and through the words that I speak (in accordance with the Scriptures).

I am filled with grace (divine blessing and favor). 

I walk continually in the tremendous power of the Holy Spirit. 

My Father works many miracles on my behalf. 

He causes me to remember the favor and compassion that He has shown me. 

His covenant with me stands immovable and His daily provision for me never fails.

My Redeemer dwells within my heart with all of His strength and miracle-working power. 

He vigorously defends my cause against my enemies and in His name I vanquish them.

I believe in the name of Jesus and I am recognized as one of His followers. 

In and through me, He performs many signs, wonders, and miracles.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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