If you are a believer and need help in an urgent case, you will surely appreciate the list that we have composed of the most effective miraculous, and powerful prayers for urgent cases

Miracles exist and we can access them through prayer. It does not matter if it is a simple prayer or the well-known Our Father, any prayer is valid to ask God for a miracle. Even so, the best miraculous prayers can be of great help in these cases, as they are specific prayers to ask for help, and they allow you to channel your faith much better.

Many prayers overflow faith and praises in the Lord and that is the case of the following. For God to hear your prayers, the main ingredient is faith and, of course, praise and recognize him as your Father. If you want a prayer to be miraculous, it must fulfill these aspects. Remember to pray this prayer with your requests in your heart and mind.

With this prayer, you can be sure that God will listen to you, and sooner rather than later he will work for you that miracle you need. Remember that to have a true connection with God you must pray with faith and with an open heart to listen to his answer and his comfort.

Miraculous Prayer

Father, teach me to walk in the wisdom I have been given. Teach me to avoid foolish and wasteful living. 

I know that in You I have wisdom and blessings in abundance. 

Your wisdom gives me life and secures me in times of trouble. 

I rejoice in Your prosperity, and I ever acknowledge that You alone are my provider. 

I do not look to circumstances as the final word, nor do I question Your ways.

I trust in You with all of my heart and rest securely in Your powerful embrace. 

You alone are my God. I do not trust in my own abilities to bring in my harvest. 

I remain ever aware of Your anointing. You have anointed my hands to create wealth. 

The anointing of favor, wisdom, and prosperity are Your gifts to me. 

It is Your power within me that brings me prosperity and not my own abilities. 

Therefore, I will work Your anointing with all of my might.

I cannot be stopped, hindered, or held back.

I will set my hand to the task and accomplish that which You have called me to do. 

I know that the money You have provided me gives me a voice. 

I am wise enough to know that people respect riches. 

Fill me with abundance, and I will speak those things that glorify Your name. 

I know that wisdom is better than strength, but I also know that money answers all things. 

The world does not listen to the poor man. 

Therefore, I shall be a rich man and be heard. Through the abundance of my wealth, the gospel shall be preached throughout the earth! 

I eat and drink with gladness and a joyful heart, for God has given me His favor and has accepted me as His own. 

I am clothed in His righteousness, and my mind is saturated with His anointing. 

My family is an absolute joy and a blessing to me. 

My employment brings me tremendous happiness and satisfaction. 

All of this is my lot in life. God has laid it all before me and has given me the right to receive it. 

Whatever I set my hand to accomplish, I do it with all of my might. 

I am filled with an abundance of knowledge and wisdom, and I plan great things for the glory of God. 

I do not spend all of the inheritance I am given. By it, I see the opportunity for profit. 

I use wisdom and restraint in all of my spendings and investing. 

I am sheltered by my wisdom as well as the wealth that God has provided for me. 

I store up an abundance of knowledge and my wisdom preserves my life. 

I know that without my Father, riches will bring me stress and anxiety.

Only through the Lord am I granted both riches and worry-free life.  In Jesus’ name


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  1. Thanks to god amen devaa nenu ee prayer chesiunnanu devaa thandree naaku ee prayer lo unna blessings please naaku evvandi 48 hours lo sahayam cheyandi thandree devaa ee prayer Yesu prabhuvu naamamuna aduguchunnanu thandree AMEN thanks to god thanks to all

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