Miracle Prayer | God answers immediately

Miracle Prayer | God answers immediately

This prayer works SO FAST it’s SCARY!! Read the amazing Miracle Prayers and immediate results will be there.

Prosperity and a good economic situation is one of the objectives that many set when we are about to receive the new year. One of the activities we can do is manifest our wishes and what we want to achieve, as well as take the time to organize ourselves and perform prayers that help us make our wishes come true. So that your wallet is always full and you never fall short at the end of the month, you must put into practice the following actions that we are going to recommend.

There are many ways to optimize the relationship with money, but they all require putting order within oneself.

Acknowledge your obstacles. There are negative habits that prevent us from generating, maintaining, or increasing our income. The first thing is to analyze where the money escapes unnecessarily.

Locate the flow . Money exists and is in constant movement. To achieve this, you have to find out where it flows and prepare to fish in this stream of abundance when the opportunity arises.

Plan small gains. If we intend to amass a large fortune quickly, it is easy to get blocked or engage in incorrect practices. It is much more effective to set small goals that we are able to control.

Work for good causes. Noble purposes help the energy of money flow in our favor. If we act ethically, coupled with practicality, circumstances will be on our side so that we achieve our goals.

Share the wealth. Abundance is reinforced when we are able to work as a team and make others participate in the benefits obtained. The best businesses are those in which all parties win and no one feels that they have lost anything.

Visualize success. For something to happen, you first have to imagine it. If we don’t trust our ability to generate wealth, it will elude us. The mind is the testing ground for what will happen later.

Miracle Prayer

Father, in Your presence, are blessing and power. 

You dwell within me and cause all that I do to prosper. 

Everything around me is affected by Your anointing. 

All that I have increased because of Your presence, and everyone in my circle of influence enjoys the blessing as well. 

What You have promised is true. You have promised me blessings and goodness. 

Not one word that has gone from Your lips goes unfulfilled. 

Therefore, I expect blessings and goodness in my life.

I know that it pleases You to bless my house and to prosper my family. 

With Your blessing, my family and I are blessed forever. 

I will not be a child who whines and complains, nor will I let circumstances cause me to cower. 

Instead, I will remain strong and trust in Your Word. 

I will keep Your charge and walk in Your ways. 

Your precepts shall be on my lips all the days of my life. 

Prosper me according to Your promises, Father. 

Prosper me in every task I undertake. 

I will keep my mind on Your will and purpose for my life. 

I will not involve myself in a greedy pursuit of riches. 

Teach me what is important, and give me the wisdom to make righteous judgments. 

Give me a wise and understanding heart that I may know You thoroughly and do Your will without uncertainty. 

Enlighten the eyes of my understanding so that I may prosper in accordance with Your will. 

I choose to be honorable in Your sight. 

I don’t hold on to false humility that never asks anything of You. 

I desire tremendous blessings. I cannot be a blessing if I am not blessed myself. 

Therefore, Father, prosper me and make my name great. 

Bless me and enlarge my borders. 

Place Your hand upon me in power and increase all of my substance. 

Keep me from evil so that my holdings will remain secure. 

Bless me, Father, and I will be a blessing to honor Your name.

I know that the Word of the Lord is faithful and true. 

Nothing that He has promised me fails to come to pass in my life. 

It pleases Him to bless me with good things of every kind. 

The presence of God is within me and all around me. 

Every place I go, God goes. He is my partner in all things. 

I live for His will and count it a privilege to be a part of what He is doing on the earth. 

I fully trust that His blessing is upon my house now and forevermore! 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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