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If You See This Video The Money Will Come To You With Repeat Only Once 100% Verified

Are you in need of a financial miracle? In this blog post, we explore the power of prayer and offer a simple financial miracle prayer to help you through a tough financial situation. Find hope and clarity in times of uncertainty with this powerful tool and remember to also take practical steps to improve your financial situation

God is substance, not matter because matter is formed, while God is formless. The Substance of God is behind matter and form, but it does not become form as a finality.


There is a Kingdom of Abundance of All Good

Desire Wealth in Abundance with Generosity. Giving what you receive.

In order to appropriate the Substance in your mind and make it manifest, you are the one who plays a very important role and you must do it according to a decree: ” You will decree a thing and it will be established in you “.

First of all, Substance is given form in the mind, and as it manifests it passes through a threefold activity. “As a man thinks, so is he.”

The substance cannot be seen, touched, tasted, or smelled, and yet it is more substantial than matter, being the only substance in the Universe. Its nature is to support or “be below or behind matter as its support and only reality.”

There is no shortage of air you breathe. On the contrary, air abounds, there is everything you need, but if you refuse to breathe by closing your lungs, you will not be able to receive it and you may even suffocate due to lack of air.

Financial Miracle Prayer

Father, I know that You are watching over all of my giving. 

Nothing I have placed into Your kingdom has been in vain. You see the importance I place on giving. 

Through my giving, I have proven that my faith is not in money or in the things which I possess. 

My faith is in You. I know that no matter what my circumstance may be, I can give my way out of it, because You see all and will bless me in return. 

Father, I choose to believe in spite of all pomp and circumstance. You are faithful. 

You will perform those things You have promised me in Your Word. 

Furthermore, no matter what my situation is, I know that I am blessed. Mine is the kingdom of God. I have wealth and provision from the very throne of heaven! 

I thank You for making me a blessing on this earth. I am blessed so that I may be a blessing to others. 

I am not a revenge seeker. On the contrary, I look for ways to fix problems and bring peace to the situation. 

I love my earthly enemies and seek the greater good for everyone in my circle of influence. 

I give without holding back, and I bless without demanding payment in return. 

I purpose in my heart to remain a forgiving and merciful person. I refrain from harsh judgment and despise condemnation. 

I choose the path of blessing. I give and it is given unto me: good measure pressed down, shaken together, and running over. 

I sow bountifully and I reap bountifully. I recognize You in all of my giving, for I know that You always add Your own compound interest in my return. 

I keep my faith out on the edge. I know that the quality of my seed is not in the amount, but in the sacrifice. 

I do not give the Lord leftovers and extras. I give Him my best and He gives me His best in return. 

I am blessed (happy, joyful, and to be envied) because I believe that I am who God says I am, and I can do what He says I can do. 

I am blessed, satisfied, and filled with the joy and favor of almighty God regardless of my outward condition. 

I have been made a prince/princess in God’s royal house and have inherited the kingdom of heaven. 

All poverty and affliction must step aside as I enter into my rights as God’s son/daughter and heir to the covenants of promise.  In Jesus’ name,


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  1. Thank God for leading to this page I have learned a lot and I believe that that this challenge am face thing of financial I have lot of credit debt which is over my salary may God of miracle turn things around and prayer that let 2023 be the year of lifting prayer for me to come out of this challenge

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