If You Don't Have Money, Do This Powerful Prayer Attract In Minutes

If You Don’t Have Money, Do This Powerful Prayer Attract In Minutes

Do this prayer if you don’t have money to attract in minutes. This is an immense Treasure, Each and every one of the prayers contained in the book is consecrated to God, that is, they contain immense power, the power of God, and the power of Faith.

If two or more unite in prayer, whatever you ask for, I will do it. Whatever you bind here on earth will be bound in heaven.

Through prayer, we seek communication with the Creator source, with God, we strengthen the bond with our Spiritual Being, we visualize, attract and give thanks for everything we receive and enjoy what we have. FAITH is indispensable, but Faith in Action is supernatural Faith, which is capable of materializing our desires.

Prayer is a personal, conscious, and loving relationship with God. It is a familiar dialogue with God. Prayer, therefore, is a vital relationship between two people. It is a personal meeting. Mutual presence, free and friendly intimacy.

This Website is to make your life beautiful and Full of prosperity and You should visit this site daily we’ve covered all the Basic requirements of the website here but if there is anything to improve So write it down in the comment and now let’s start the prayer

Daily Effective Prayer for Money

Father, in You I am always content. You are with me at all times. 

You see me through every trial that I face. You never leave me nor forsake me. 

Therefore, I remain confident that my supply will never fail. 

I realize that what is seen in the natural world is not the complete picture. 

You are there and Your blessing is with You. When things look grim, I have Christ which strengthens me.

I need merely to set my hand to the task, and the anointing will take over. 

I can overcome any and every situation that I face because the power to overcome is not mine but the power of almighty God. 

Father, as You have blessed me, I will not hesitate to bless others.

I give freely and without restraint. I choose to see things from a spiritual perspective. 

I will not hold back my finances because I see that a ministry is already prospering. 

To the contrary, I see that ministry as good soil that will produce a great harvest.

I know that the fruit produced in that ministry will abound to my account. 

I understand the system of giving and receiving and will not cancel my blessing by holding back the gift when it is in my hands to give it. 

I trust in Your Word, Father. I am blessed to be a blessing. 

You are a God who enjoys abundance, and You supply all of my needs according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 

I greatly rejoice in the Lord because of my Father’s favor. There are many who are concerned about my well-being. 

Not that I am in want, but, to the contrary, I know the secret of being content in any situation I find myself in. 

I know what to do when I find myself in adverse circumstances, and I know what to do when I am living in God’s abundance. 

I have learned—in any and every circumstance—the secret of facing every situation as a conqueror, whether well fed or hungry, whether having all sufficiency and enough to spare, or not having a dime to my name. 

The secret is this: I can do all things through the power of Christ that is within me. 

With His anointing, there isn’t a single circumstance that can hold me down! 

I am self-sufficient in His sufficiency. 

I am wise to share in the process of giving and receiving that God has established on earth. 

I faithfully support ministries that are advancing the kingdom on the earth, and every gift that I give is a deposit into my heavenly account.

I do all that I can to ensure that the ministries I support are amply supplied and more. 

It is my heart’s desire that, through me and others of the same heart, God’s financial blessings will shower over these ministries in so much abundance that they will have no idea what to do with all of the excess. 

It is my desire to see God’s ministers living like true ambassadors of heaven. 

When I present my offerings with this heart attitude, they go up before the Lord like a sweet fragrance. 

This is what makes my offerings acceptable for an abundant return. 

Because of my persistent and joy-filled generosity, I have God’s Word that He will supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus. 

He sees to it that all of my giving returns to me overflowing with His abundance.  In this, I give glory to God, my Father, forevermore.


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