If You Don't Have Money, Do This Powerful Breakthrough Prayer Today

If You Don’t Have Money, Do This Powerful Breakthrough Prayer Today

It works 100% in 7 Minutes. Receive a financial breakthrough with this prayer.

Today I bring you a very powerful, secret, and effective prayer, for all those people who are going through an economic difficulty and need a quick money solution, or who need to increase their income exponentially to solve a problem in their economy urgently.

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Today we bring it so that you can also benefit and receive the money you need to solve that urgent economic problem.

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Powerful Breakthrough Prayer

Father, the purpose in my heart is to keep greed far from me. 

My focus in life and in all of my business dealings is not to hoard riches for myself but to advance Your kingdom and build Your church. 

In You, I am already rich. I have all that I need and more. 

Therefore, I do not look at what my eyes see or what my human understanding tells me. 

I look to You, Father. It is You who give me the unfailing power to create wealth.

Gaining riches by worldly means is like grasping at oil. 

But in You, Father, I have riches without turmoil. 

In You and You alone, I have unfailing provision and security on every side. 

Father, I am not a fool who spends time in riotous living. I am not given to revelry, drunkenness, or gluttony. 

I shall not waste my living on such things and find myself clothed in rags. 

On the contrary, I am a man/woman of honor who remains sober and diligent in all that I do. 

Father, I choose to honor You in all of my ways. I will not allow myself to become lazy. 

I am not a lover of sleep who does not tend to that which he has been given. 

I will not allow myself to be seized by the spirit of poverty because of my own foolishness. 

I shall remain a diligent and industrious man/woman who gives You honor and glory in all that I do. 

I am not a companion of drinkers or gluttons. I am a sober and temperate person. 

I will not be influenced by the destructive ways of those who choose to live outside of the will of God. 

I do not wear myself out trying to get rich. I am already God’s heir; therefore, I will walk in wisdom and show restraint. 

I clearly understand that riches make themselves wings and fly away toward heaven. 

Therefore, I shall keep careful accounting and not spend my money on foolish things. 

I plan ahead and prepare the provision before I set my hand to build. 

In all things, I keep a proper focus and through understanding, I build my house. 

I keep careful watch over all that the Lord has given me. 

I am not one who is lazy and unfruitful. I work hard at my job and produce an abundance for God’s glory. 

Poverty cannot gain a foothold in my life, for the Lord prospers what I set my hand to do.  In Jesus’ name


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