I Said This Prayer And Money Arrived In My Life Today

I Said This Prayer And Money Arrived In My Life Today

Did you stop to think about what image you have of money? Maybe you have recorded messages like that money is dirty, that you don’t deserve it, or that the rich are bad, and that it is not good to be greedy.

Get those thoughts out of your mind now, and wash your mind of negativity and wrong thoughts. Money is the symbol of Divine Providence in the material field, money is energy, and it is essential for the circulation of wealth. Since we can give what we do not have, we must love money because having it means that our lives are in the hands of Divine Providence, without it there is no prosperity, wealth, or abundance.

From now on Money is your friend, I will have it in all shapes and colors, you will have it close, and you will love it.

Money is a wonderful energy that allows us to get everything we want in life.

For this reason, we must establish a solid relationship with him because by loving and respecting him we will be attracting him more strongly into our lives. Think about this. What would happen if you did not show love to your partner and spoke ill of her? Even your pet, if she doesn’t show love or you treat her badly, what happens? The answer is obvious.

The same thing happens with money, if you are always ranting against it, if you always express yourself in a negative way about it, then the only thing you will be achieving is GETTING AWAY FROM YOUR REALITY.

Do not feel bad for loving money, MONEY IS SPIRITUAL because it is the energy of abundance and you can manifest as much money in your life as you want, not with greed but with love, because the more money you manifest in your life, the more you will be contributing to the wealth of your country and the whole world.

Money Prayer

I am fervent and persistent. I know that when I ask, You give. When I seek, You cause me to find. When I knock, You open the door wide unto me. 

I am a receiver and a finder who regularly walks through open doors. I know that You are more than willing to give me what I ask for; therefore, I will not give in until I have it. 

Father, I recall those times when people wanted something from Jesus. He did not just give it to them. 

He asked them what it was that they wanted. He asked for specifics, and when they made their requests, He granted them. 

Therefore, Father, I will be specific as well. I will ask according to Your Word and stand confident that I receive what I am asking for. 

I live my life in a spirit of generosity. I am always looking for ways to give to others. 

I am not a parasite that looks for something to take and lives my life by what others can give me. 

I find God’s way, the way of giving, to be much more satisfying. When I give, God causes men to give the same back to me. 

He takes the measure that I have given, presses it down, and pours as much as He can on the top until the measure that I get back is overflowing with His abundance! 

What a blessing it is to be a giver in the family of God! 

When I speak one of God’s promises into my life, I know that I must continually believe and speak it until what I have called for is manifested in this natural world. 

Whenever I am seeking anything, I remember that I have a guide within me. Therefore, I will not give up until I have found what I am looking for. 

When I have come to a door of promised blessing that is shut, I will knock at that door until it opens to me and my life is showered with all of the benefits of that promise. 

When I persistently ask, I receive all that I am praying for and more. 

When I persistently seek, I find what I am looking for and more. When I persistently knock, the door eventually opens to me, and I walk in the fullness of God’s blessings in my life. 

I am careful to ask for specific things. God does not operate in vague generalities, nor does He respond to my prayers with something other than what I am asking for. 

Even I, as a good parent, know how to give good gifts to my children. I give them specifically what they are asking for so that their joy may be full. 

The same goes for my heavenly Father. It brings Him great pleasure to give me those specific desires of my heart. 

I am granted anything I desire that is in line with His perfect will as is revealed in His Word. He gives me anything that I ask for that is beneficial to me and will work to my advantage. 

If I faithfully ask Him for the Holy Spirit, I can fully trust that He will give me the Holy Spirit and not some devil full of counterfeit gifts. 

I am persistent in prayer. I relentlessly call on my Father to fill my every need and the needs of those in my circle of influence. 


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