Don’t be scared after these Prayers because GOD will answer Definitely when money comes to you immediately after watching this video!! Say this Powerful Prayer For Cleansing And Protection

You don’t know why you see things that others don’t see, don’t be scared, they are the small signs that you have to develop those gifts that came with you to be manifested and transformed into light.

Now I bless your lives, your families, your jobs, your countries, your cities, I bless each one of the things.

God will send His Servant, the Beloved Archangel Uriel so that he comes to bring, develop, to manifest his Light, his Divine abundance,… his power, and his peace.

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Prayer that God will Answer

Father, You alone are the security of my life. My riches are for Your glory and the advancement of Your kingdom.

I will not be the fool who trusts in uncertain riches. I do not lay up treasures for myself and trust them as my security. 

I know that You prosper everything I set my hand to do. Therefore, I will find a way to be productive until the last breath leaves my body. 

I know that riches cause great stress and anxiety in the world. But You have bid me to live free of stress and anxiety. 

Therefore, I will not allow any fear to come upon me. I cast all of my cares upon You, for I know that You care for me diligently. 

My concern is the advancement of Your kingdom and Your righteousness. With You as my Father, I will always have all that I need and more. 

Father, keep me from a heart of covetousness. I have no desire to take what belongs to my brother. 

What he has received is his, and I rejoice with him that he has it. I know that my life is not about riches. It is about You.

It is about living under Your care and protection. It is about living the kingdom way and not the way of the world. It is not about selfishness or wanting a portion of what others have. 

I will not lay up and hoard treasures, riches, and possessions for myself (in greed, selfishness, or fear of the future) and thereby neglect my relationship with my heavenly Father. 

He alone is my provider and the sustainer of my life. My contentment is in Him and not in the things that I possess. 

If men took all that I have and left me with just the clothes on my back, I would take off my shirt, hand it to them, and walk away praising God. 

He never fails to provide for my needs regardless of the circumstances, and neither man nor the devil can stop His prosperity in my life. 

I am not anxious or troubled by the necessities of life—what I will eat, or what I will have to wear—for my life is more than food and my body more than clothing. 

God has made me His own child—the highest priority of all of His creation—and He does not neglect my needs. 

When I observe, study, and meditate on the life of the raven—how they neither sow nor reap, nor have any storehouses to provide for their future, and yet my Father feeds them and cares for them—I find a reason to believe. 

He makes it His business to care for the raven and never fails as their source of supply. How much more will He care for me, His eternal child? 

In my heavenly Father’s eyes, I am worth more than many flocks of ravens! 

In light of this, fear becomes ever-increasingly ridiculous. It does absolutely nothing for me. 

It doesn’t add a single minute to my life, never fixes my situation, and its infectious nature only causes everything around me to get worse. 

In all honesty, fear is an act of total and complete foolishness. It is rooted in either ignorance of, or defiance of, the knowledge of God’s love that He has for His children. 

What reason is there to fear when I have such a loving Father watching over me? I refuse to be overly concerned about a single issue in life. 

My Father knows what I need better than I do, and He never fails to be the source of my supply. 

My walk with God is focused on the whole of the kingdom. There is no single issue that overwhelms my attention. 

I live the kingdom life, and I enjoy all of the benefits therein. 

I do not allow fear to enter in and steal what I have been given, for I know that it is my Father’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom and all of its blessings. 

I do not hoard things to myself in fear that I will have nothing in the future. I give to the poor freely, bringing the kingdom into their midst.


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