Endless Money With This Subliminal Affirmation

Endless Money With This Subliminal Affirmation

It’s Scary In 5 Minutes You Will Have So Much Endless Money With This Subliminal Affirmation. You will have unlimited money! It works in 5 minutes!

Read or scroll down to Listen to this Very Powerful 528hz frequency only once! In just 5 minutes you will attract so much money into your life in an endless way. Say this affirmation whenever you won’t – put it on whenever you want – even at bedtime. Listening to these powerful wealth affirmations will attract a lot of money.

It works after only one listen! Just watch this video one time and see the results. You will be shocked because it works fast and brings so much money.

If you have tried money attraction mantras and they didn’t work for you, don’t give up! This can be done in combination with a 3 am prayer for money attraction.

These audios are subliminal for money and success and will attract money using the law of attraction. If you have been wanting to learn how to attract money, this might be scary but it’s incredibly powerful. Use this for good luck subliminal influences and attract money and good luck instantly.


1. I deserve to be rich. I deserve to live comfortably.

2. The more I spend, the more it returns to me in greater quantities.

3. I focus on my passions, talents, and God-given qualities.

4. Amazing opportunities somehow always find me.

5. I feel so blessed by the universe that I get everything I want.

6. I am aligned with the energy of a six-figure bank account.

7. Money is everywhere. Money is easy to obtain, and it serves all my needs.

8. Favorable circumstances await me. I am excited to receive them.

9. I feel so grateful to have a constant stream of income.

10. My financial abundance gives me a sense of purpose and makes a difference to others.

11. I am a money-making mogul. Anything I produce transfers into riches.

12. I am my dream person. I live in my dream world.

13. I am more than capable of achieving success.

14. I am faithful in my success. I am always doing my best.

15. I am dedicated to my well-being.

16. Everything I want is on its way to me in due time.

17. My faith in Source grows with every passing day.

18. I flourish in spaces where I am celebrated.

19. I remind myself that all my limitless dreams are coming to fruition.

20. My dreams of money manifest into a beautiful reality.

21. I sleep comfortably, knowing that my money always accumulates.

22. My subconscious is at ease and knows anything I desire is possible.

23. The peace of sleep eases my mind along with daily meditation.

24. Every day that the sun rises, I can count on my income to increase.

25. I wake up peacefully, knowing that the universe is taking care of me.

26. The universe adores me with every day I receive on Earth.

27. I am strong. I am capable. I can achieve anything I want.

28. I feel rejuvenated today. Anything I put my mind to, I can achieve.

29. I persist with optimism throughout hard times.

30. I am a ray of sunshine that brightens others’ days.

31. Every bit of kindness I show to others makes me feel wonderful.

32. I do not compete with others. I grow from the person I was yesterday.

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  1. Thanks to god amen
    This preyear is very very important in my life god is great I read this video prayer very very happy I am very struggling in financial problems please pray for me brother’s
    Please help me please brother buy one lottary ticket paid money how much money please reply thankyou brother
    Iam waiting for your reply please answer brother thankyou

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