Don't Be Scared When Money Arrives Immediately

Don’t Be Scared When Money Arrives Immediately

One of the best Scary Powerful Prayers for you is Don’t Be Scared When Money Arrives Immediately after this Prayers and don’t forget to share this.

Everyone who prays this prayer becomes a millionaire! Try it only once! Scary powerful prayer

Many times we speak from uncertainty and without knowing it we are creating a state of poverty around us. We have to keep in mind that the word is our magic wand. It is for this reason that we bring a prayer to attract money and generate the abundance that we deserve.

The word is the magic wand of the human being and is charged with energy and power.

Jesus stressed very much the importance of the word, “by your words you will be saved and by your words you will be condemned.

That way we can all use the word to modify something unfavorable in our lives.

By the blessing of the perfect ways, through the use of the word in prayer you can achieve abundance in your life.

Prayer is a very effective tool to achieve having money and never lack it, because it brings to mind an idea, where you put all your intention or faith, and you also put visualization into practice when you make the request. When visualizing an image you should never force it, let the divine idea suddenly flash in your conscious mind, so you will be working according to the divine design.

First of all, you should know who is in charge of bringing the money, they benefit you in terms of work and provide prosperity: Almighty God, Archangel Uriel, and San Judas Tadeo. God as the cosmic force that governs the universe and is the creator of everything visible and invisible is the first to whom you should dedicate your prayers or if you are going to pray to the archangel and Saint Judas Tadeo, put him present so that he consents to the permission for your sentence to work.

In the case of the Archangel Uriel, he is designated as the angel that grants material prosperity, who is in charge of blessing and directing the golden energy of wealth and of course the non-material things that are most needed: peace, love, pain relief. sharper and quieter.

San Judas Tadeo awaits your call for help to help you. Many people turn to him for abundance. There are testimonies of the effectiveness of his prayers in terms of the economy and many have repaid his favors through it.

Scary Powerful Prayer for Money

Father, You see us all as equally able to prosper and enjoy success in life. 

Power belongs to You alone. I will not trust in oppression to bring my increase, nor will I seek to gain riches through robbery. 

I seek You alone for power to gain wealth. And as my riches increase, I will not set my heart on them. 

My wealth is not my ability to pay my bills. My ability is You, Father. You alone are my provider.

You alone are the power that causes me to increase. 

I will sow my seed and reap an abundant harvest because You are the Lord of my harvest. 

You show me mercy at all times and always prosper what I set my hand to do. 

I know that there is more on my side than what my eyes can see. 

Thousands of angels are ready at this very moment to minister to me and see to it that my prosperity flows like a geyser in a desert land. 

What’s more, Father, is that You are in the midst of them. 

Your power and glory go forth to honor Your Word on my behalf. 

You carry my burdens for me and cause me to live in victory. 

You daily load me with Your benefits. 

You are the God of my salvation and my unfailing source of supply. 

With You as my covenant partner, I never have to go without. 

Rest for my soul can be found in God alone. 

I will wait in silent submission and in great hope and earnest expectation of the wonders He will perform in my life. 

He alone is my Rock and my salvation. 

He is my deliverer who sets me in the place of highest honor. 

I am an unshakable, immovable, and ever-ready warrior in His army. 

My trust is in Him at all times; and my heart is laid bare before Him, crying out, “I am Yours forever!” 

I cannot be found forcing men to give to me what is rightfully mine, nor do I need to steal and cheat my way to prosperity. 

Even if I have gained such an abundance of earthly riches that I am the envy of the world, I will not set my heart on them. 

My heart belongs to my heavenly Father. 

He shows His love for me by the rewards that I have received, and by them, I do rejoice; but my focus is on Him alone. 

He alone is the strength by which I live. 

The great army of the living God is on my side. 

They have ascended from the great mountain of God to shield me on every side and to see to it that I am kept safe from the onslaughts of the enemy. 

God has lifted me out of the ash heap and has seated me with kings and princes. 

Where the devil brought me to destruction, God has raised me to the place of highest honor.  In Jesus’ name,


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