Attract Money Without Doing Anything with this Prayer

Attract Money Without Doing Anything with this Prayer

Just Recite This Prayer And Attract Money Without Doing Anything. The money will come in the mountains if you watch this video right now!

Prayer gives you the great power of spiritual tranquility, happiness in the midst of the storm, and the security and confidence that we are not alone: ​​God takes us by the hand, relieves us, and comforts us with every step we take. We are a family united and given to God and this gives us immeasurable peace.

If you urgently need to ask for financial prosperity in your life, pray this powerful prayer for prosperity and lead your life to wealth. These prayers on video can be said at any time. Use prayers for breakthroughs and open doors.

Why pray for prosperity?

Because, isn’t wealth, in many cases, a reward for the sweat of work? Then! It is okay to pray for prosperity and abundance. If you have reached a time of financial crisis in your life, accumulating many debts and bills to pay, and you are entering a state of despair. Pray for wealth, pray for increased profits.

Ask God for advice and blessings, because He does not want your suffering.

Is it a sin to ask for financial prosperity?

Well, praying for wealth is not a sin so you deserve to live in abundance and in peace, and have the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. Keep in mind that it doesn’t do you any good to continually torture yourself with this and that, because to achieve prosperity, you need positive energy, so throw away any negative vibrations.

And ask: My creator, see that I will only be blessed by that desired money if I earn it honestly and legally. Remember that God does not defend misery or desire its torment.

Given this, if you are going through a difficult financial situation, know that the prayer for prosperity will help you bring power to your mind, money, glory, and joy, and help for your livelihood. In the end, you will only ask the Universe, the Divine God, your spirituality, and the angel in prayers for your happiness.

Prayer To Attract Money

Father, it is such a joy to know that You are always there to defend me.

I am never alone. The very God of all creation is on my side! 

Knowing that I am called by Your name fills me with elation beyond description. 

Thank You so much for causing Your blessing to rain upon me. 

Thank You for causing Your favor to surround me in all of my endeavors. 

It covers me like a shield to ensure my success. 

There is no better life than a life lived in partnership with You. 

The Lord is my Shepherd, a fierce guardian who watches over me with a relentless eye. 

He fills all of my needs and desires so that I am in want of nothing. 

He makes me lie down in green pastures—a fertile land of abundance. 

He leads me beside the still and quiet streams of life-giving water. 

He restores my life to full vitality. 

He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake alone and not by my own merits. 

Even if I am walking in the midst of death’s domain, I will fear no evil, for I know that the Lord is with me. 

The rod of His wrath and the staff of His power brings me comfort. 

He prepares a table for me of the choicest portions of His bounty right in the presence of my enemies. 

They look on in humiliation as I feast upon His blessings. 

He covers my head with His burden-removing, yoke-destroying power, and my prosperity flows from me in a shower of abundance. 

His love and His mercy cling to me all the days of my life, and He calls me His own forevermore. 

Father, I shout for joy in the knowledge of Your presence. 

I rejoice, for I am part of Your righteous cause. 

I magnify You, Fa t h er, for You take pleasure in my prosperity. 

You enjoy my success and are well pleased when my finances increase. 

The Lord is my mainstay. He delights in the abundance of my prosperity. 

My tongue shall continually speak of His righteousness and sing His praises. 

May those who bear witness exalt His name forever. 

The Lord has given me wisdom and understanding of all of His ways. 

Through His wisdom, I keep a proper focus in my pursuit of prosperity. 

I am not one who greedily seeks riches and honor for myself.

First and foremost I seek the advancement of God’s kingdom. 

It is His will for my life that I pursue and not my own. 

He gives me the ability to create wealth so that He may establish His covenant with me. 

I will not forget this precious fact.  In Jesus’ name,


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