Prayer With Which You Will Attract Money Like Magnet

Prayer With Which You Will Attract Money Like Magnet

When money does not enter the house and we lack prosperity, it is precisely the best time to start this Powerful Prayer for Financial Prosperity

It is made to strongly attract prosperity, and money and improve finances that are blocked or stuck.

But you shall remember the LORD your God: for it is he who gives you power to obtain riches, so that he may establish his covenant that brought your fathers together, as it is today.

Deuteronomy 8:18

We serve a miracle-working God, a God who is ever-present and calls for help in times of need. He will never tell us to come back tomorrow when he is within his power to help us today. Today we are going to participate in 31 miracle prayers for financial help, no matter how dire his financial situation is, he will receive help today in Jesus’ name. Money is a medium of exchange for goods and services. Therefore, money does not fall from the sky, money is the reward you get for providing a service or providing a good.

These miracle prayer points for financial help are not for miracle money but for God to open financial doors of opportunity for you. As you commit these prayers with faith, God will give you ideas and connect you with new business partners who will help you with your finances. This is a prayer that prepares you for financial responsibilities and exploits. You will excel in Jesus’ name.

Every believer needs God’s help, no one succeeds in life without help, and the Holy Spirit is our helper These miracle prayers for financial help will divinely connect you with financial helpers led by the Holy Spirit. People who will help you in your business, career, or any area of ​​your financial needs. Dare to pray these prayers with passion and strong faith today. Expect a miracle while performing these miracle prayers. Never again will you lack financial help in your life in the name of Jesus.

This Financial Prosperity Prayer is aimed at the most difficult cases. For this reason, many readers consider it to be a true miracle prayer to bring money and abundance closer to our lives. oh! Do not hesitate to start reading it now, as a clear connection with the almighty Father is established when this powerful prayer for Financial Prosperity is read with faith and devotion. Thus, from the first moment you read the Strong Prayer for Abundance and Financial Prosperity, you will see the enormous power it has.

Financial Miracle Prayer to Attract Money

Father, You establish my thoughts and guide me on the path of prosperity. 

I am diligent in all of my ways, and my thoughts tend only to plenteousness. 

I do not hastily make decisions, nor do I spend my substance on poorly planned ventures.

I have consideration for my every step and will only move forward in the counsel of Your will. 

I choose to be a person of integrity and good character. 

I will not try to lie and cheat my way into prosperity. 

All of my resources are gained honestly through diligence and hard work. 

I pledge that as I increase, I will not stop my ears from the cry of the poor. 

Those in need shall find me to be a blessing in their lives. 

Father, You are a God of fairness, and I am a child of fairness. I do not cheat my way to prosperity. 

I choose integrity over dishonesty, reliability over trustworthiness, and freedom over prison. 

My plans in life are carefully laid out before me. 

I have considered them from every angle, making certain that they are in line with the precepts of God, and my diligence to fulfill them absolutely ensures an abundance of profits for my storehouses. 

Father, thank You for revealing to me the folly of laziness.

I know that if I am slothful, I will suffer many trials and be brought under the yoke of poverty.

Therefore, I choose diligence. I am a wise and industrious person, and my way is made plain before me. 

I am wise enough to know that hard work does not make a hard life. 

Life is hard when there is no provision. 

Therefore, I will cast aside all laziness and bring in God’s abundance through perseverance and hard work. 

I am fair and just in all of my business dealings. I do not cheat my associates and try to get ahead through deception. 

Father, I respect You with all of my life. I maintain a deep and unwavering sense of accountability toward You. 

I know that in You there is peace and contentment, and that hatred is contrary to all that You desire. 

I will not allow strife to rob me of Your blessings.

I would rather have nothing and be at peace than have all the great treasures of the world and have to live under the curse of strife. 

I understand what true riches are. No matter how much I have, it is nothing if I live in strife and bitterness.

Therefore, I will do everything in my power to expel strife and bitterness from my life.

I am a champion of the poor and needy. In me, they find the provision that helps them back on their feet.   In Jesus’ name, I am abundant.


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    Pradhanalo power undi devudu naaku sahayam cheyaalani naa appulanni theesiveyaalani prabhuvaiña yesukreestu naamamuna aduguchunnanu amen thankyou lord

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