Attract Money In Just 7 Minutes Prayer | If You Recite This Prayer

If you have no money this prayer will help you. It works in 7 minutes with 100% guaranteed results! Money in abundance comes immediately and the wisdom to face business successfully.

Everything is resolved favorably and immediately, success comes, the contracts are now signed, and now, everything flows in harmony and prosperity.

Miracles occur immediately, and the energy of success and abundance of Money in opulence for their lives. through the loving angels and beings of light.

I am certain that this exercise with powerful affirmations and the sacred code will bless your lives, just as it blessed mine.

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Money in 7 Minutes Prayer

Father, I thank You that You richly give me all things to enjoy. You are my unfailing provider. 

I do not trust in uncertain riches. I trust in You. I will not think of myself more highly than I ought. 

All that I have, I have because of You. I recognize that I am a steward, not a proprietor. 

Therefore, I will do good with what You have given me. I remain ever ready to give and to bless others.

I choose to lay up for myself a good foundation against times to come and lay hold on eternal life. 

My primary thought in all things is to honor You. You are truly the first love of my life. 

All of my tithing and giving is first of all to honor You and secondly to receive Your blessings. 

I am aware that You take notice of all that I have done and that You do not forget. 

I know that You always have a harvest in store for me and that You always fulfill Your promises. 

Therefore, I will remain patient and steady in faith. I will not vacillate in waves of doubt but stand confident in Your Word. 

Your blessing is upon me and nothing can change that. I am destined to receive every promise You have given. 

As I am well-supplied in this present world, I will remain self-controlled. 

I will not allow myself to become arrogant or put my trust or hope in uncertain riches. 

My trust is in God alone, who richly provides me with good things of every kind to enjoy. 

I am not only rich in possessions but rich in good deeds as well, being ever-generous and always willing to share. 

Through my acts of generosity, I lay up for myself an abundance of treasures in heaven as a firm foundation for my future. 

In this, I have taken hold of the life that is truly life—the very life that God desires for me to live. 

God is not unjust. He does not disregard the work that I have done in the kingdom or overlook the love that I have shown Him in my giving.

Therefore, I will continue to do so with my whole heart, in full assurance of His faithfulness to the very end. 

I refuse to become indifferent, faithless, and stagnant, believing that the circumstance reigns over the Word and thus giving up on my faith. 

Instead, I am an imitator of those who through faith and patience, endurance, and persistence continually inherit God’s promises. 

I follow after the faith of father Abraham, who waited patiently for several years before He received the promise. 

Like Abraham, I will never give in to unbelief and never give up on God. 

As I wait for the manifestation of my abundant harvest, I pray for patience and renewed faith, because I know that all good things come from above.

In Jesus’ name,


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