Angel Number 444

Angel Message 444 Powerful Prayer to Invoke Guardian Angel for Help

Angel Message 444 😇

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I am the Angel of the Sixth Ray, responsible before God the Father for the transition of the people into the New Age of Spiritual Liberation.

My Hand is joined with the Hand of Archangel Zadkiel as we bridge the Summit into the Age of Aquarius.

I have come to ask for your assistance in Our effort and to ask you to learn to stand in Peace.

I am known to many as the Spirit of Ministry, Grace and Peace.

I am the Servant of each one of you and I give this Service to God and to people with all the Love and Blessings.

Angel message 444

I invoke the Blessings of Peace when I say “PEACE BE WITH YOU”. Accept, Beloved Ones, wherever you are, the fullness of this Blessing in your consciousness.

Let it flow through every fiber of your being and accept the presence of My Angelic Host, as your true friends and try to live in Peace not only from time to time, but daily and rhythmically.

Accept the Presence of My Angels in your homes, your auras, your activities and in the lives of those even dearest to you and learn to live in the Peace you need to harmonize your lives.

Do not think that it is an arduous task, with the Angels it is simple and comfortable, and in this state you will be able to attract all the supply of good that you are requiring to live in the opulence that The Father always desired for his children.

Invoke the Angel Number 444

Angels exist to support us and wait for us to turn to them to give us the strength we need to overcome our fears, find light in spiritual darkness and help us in times of greatest difficulty.

Use the prayer on the printable page for Angel Number 444. Say the prayer, imagine that your angel is by your side and quietly talk to him about all your problems and concerns.

Keep quiet and focus on listening to the thoughts that your angel will place in your mind.

Make a commitment to him and to yourself: offer him your thoughts, words and prayers every day.

Try to make your requests, queries and questions as direct as possible, so the response will be more specific.

Remember that your requests must not be harmful to you or others and must be requested at the right time. Finally, remember to be grateful to your angel who attends to your requests. The best prayer will always be that which emanates from your most sincere feeling and heart.

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6 thoughts on “Angel Message 444 Powerful Prayer to Invoke Guardian Angel for Help”

  1. Hello
    I have a lot of debts too. I see 44,444 for past 4 months every day.I see minimum 10 times this number on tags, receipts, bills. So far not received anything great. Hope God will hear my prayers

  2. I want the angel 444 to let me be free from sickness, to have my own home and to be financially safe. Amen 🙏

  3. Avatar
    Elizabeth Thomas

    I request/trust the 444 angel to touch the hearts and minds of all involved in my deceased son’s case to pay the maximum on his settlement to help me to remove my debt so that I can get out of this expensive hotel and buy the house he wanted to buy me with land to live on worry free with my kids and grandchildren and grow my own food that will be able to be used in my beverages and tinctures to heal myself,.family, friends, and my customers. 💗🙏💗💫💗

  4. I pray Angel 444 will solve my financial situation soon.
    Angel 444 will be a guidance for my life
    Amen 🙏 🙏 🙏

  5. I pray Angle 444 see me through my life here in earth, i want to be financially blessed so that I can lift poverty from my household so that they can see another reason to smile and glorify God the father.
    That my request.

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